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Is Bob Iger’s New Business Plan Halting Disney Sequels?

bob iger at aladdin

Recently, Disney CEO Bob Iger made statements implying that the Walt Disney Studios would cull its media repertoire, pull back on Marvel sequels, and even halt some Lucasfilm spinoffs… but will this business decision now impact its live-action and sequel franchises like Aladdin 2? In the earliest Disney days, animators moved from one story to the next, without thinking of ...

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VIDEO: Disney Cast Members Fall to Their Knees Seeing This Fireworks Show

cast members react to happily ever after fireworks

The return of this beloved fireworks show at the Walt Disney World Resort has Disney Cast Members falling to their knees, singing, chanting, and dancing for the first time in forever. RELATED: Disney World to Celebrate Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary, IF the Park’s Still Open By Then Walt Disney World has no shortage of wonderful experiences. Indeed, as the Most Magical ...

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Disney Park to Debut New Nostalgia-Themed Dessert Items

runaway railway concessions stand with red neon in blue tones

The nostalgia is real with these new sweet treats coming to this Disney Park in honor of its newest expansion project, which finalizes today, inspired by some of Disney’s classic cartoons at Mickey’s Toontown. In honor of the Disney100 and 100 Years of Wonder Celebration, Disney Parks has unveiled new dining options and delicious snack items for Guests to enjoy ...

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Disney Park Unveils New Accessibility Features For Disabled Guests

from left to right, a white girl with brown hair and blue eyes wears a crown, red elena of avalor coronation dress, pink sash, a black girl with one hair puff has a tiara and purple and pink rapunzel dress, and an asian girl with black hair in a teal tank dress and headband laughs while holding a gold scepter from her wheelchair before a background of side walk and grass

This Disney Park has completely redesigned a new area to increase accessibility for every kind of Guest, upholding new disability standards in line with the Fifth Key of Inclusion. As modern society finally becomes more concerned with equitable access and disability rights, Guests with different types of needs expect the proper accommodations from Disney Parks, often raising the issue when ...

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‘Willow’ Creator Says Popular Disney+ Series Was Not Cancelled

jon kasdan a white man with brown hair stands in a grey suit before the silver fantasy logo over a sunset and clouds WILLOW with a red stamp reading update over it

A new statement provided by showrunner Jonathan Kasdan seems to suggest that the Disney+ streaming platform did not cancel the popular fantasy series Willow as previously reported. Yesterday, a Deadline article first reported that the Walt Disney Company had canceled a beloved spinoff of Willow (1988), a Lucasfilm production from director Ron Howard following the unlikely hero Willow Ufgood (Warwick ...

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LGBT Community Calls Disney+ ‘Willow’ Cancellation a ‘Hate Crime’

a light woman with braided brown hair in plain medieval clothes beside a mixed woman with red curly hair and freckles with a black and white horse

After the announcement that Disney+ would cancel Willow, the popular fantasy realm series based on the 1988 Lucasfilm production directed by Ron Howard, many fans who appreciated its LGBT representation have raised an outcry. Deadline broke the news yesterday, with speculation that the Walt Disney Company decided not to pursue a second season of the live-action show due to professed ...

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