ANOTHER Earthquake Rocks Disneyland Resort

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If you live in California, then odds are you have constantly heard talk about “the big one.” And you know what that means. If you do not live in California, then you may not know what that means. It means an incredibly large earthquake.

The last big earthquake to hit the state was the Northridge quake, which happened in 1994. Since then, scientists and California residents have been waiting for “the big one” to hit.

1994 northridge Earthquake

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Thankfully, there have not been too many large earthquakes in the state since. But that could mean that the impending large earthquake could be bigger than ever.

And residents are starting to get nervous, especially since earthquakes are starting to become more frequent. Much of the state’s coastal region also lies on one of the largest fault lines in the world – the San Andreas Fault.

Late on the evening of February 15, another earthquake rocked The Happiest Place on Earth.

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According to the United States Geological Survey, a 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck Ontario, California shortly before midnight on Thursday. Ontario is only about 20 miles from Disneyland. The quake was so strong that it could be felt as far away as Los Angeles, which is more than 40 miles from Ontario.

This is not the first time in recent days that a strong earthquake has hit the area. On February 9, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck. It forced Disneyland officials to close nearly every ride and attraction at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, so they could make sure that everything was working properly and nothing had been damaged.

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The large earthquake then triggered more than a dozen smaller earthquakes and after shocks.

The earthquakes are also coming as California — especially Southern California — is dealing with some truly wild weather. The Southland has been seeing record amounts of rainfall. Unfortunately, while that does help with the droughts the state typically faces, the large amount of rain has triggered flash flooding, as well as landslides.

‘Significant flooding’ possible as heavy rain, wind expected in Southern California early next week

Sadly, the state is not yet free of the barrage of rain. Weather reports indicate that another storm is on the way, and bringing with it more rain, more flooding, and potentially, more damage.

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If you are ever visiting Disneyland when an earthquake hits, it is very important to remain calm and listen to cast members. Disney cast members are trained to help guests when a natural disaster hits, and they will give you instructions on what to do and where to go should you need to exit or head somewhere for safety.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake while visiting a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Actually, Ontario is 30 plus miles from Anaheim. Please get these small details correct? Otherwise, how can we TRUST what you are telling us is true. Such a simple fact to get right.

  2. We visited Disneyland on July 4th, 2019 and felt an earthquake right before boarding Mr. Toad’s wild ride in the morning. I thought I was feeling dizzy, and I saw the chandelier in the loading area gently swaying. It hadn’t dawned on me yet. After getting off that ride, I noticed that I had a few text messages – asking me about the earthquake. It was only then that it my feeling of “dizziness” made sense. My husband, brother and 4yo son at the time didn’t feel it. Every ride was quickly shut down for inspection by Cast members. The simpler rides were opened up again first. But, rides like Space Mountain and Indiana Jones took a bit longer.

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