Disney Fireworks Axed, Two Parks Ditch All Shows for the Summer

Fireworks burst in colorful displays above a brightly lit castle at night, creating a vibrant and magical atmosphere.
Credit: Disney

It’s official: all fireworks have been axed from two Disney theme parks for the entire summer.

For decades, every decent Disney day has ended with a nighttime spectacular. What started with the classic fireworks display Fantasy in the Sky at Disneyland Resort has evolved into shows that blend pyrotechnics, projections, and even drones at Disney parks across the globe.

A group of people watches a vibrant fireworks display at night, with one person wearing glowing mickey mouse ears. they are standing by a railing, illuminated by the colorful bursts in the sky.

Credit: Disney

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As of May 2024, every single Disney castle park boasts its own fireworks show. Disneyland Park has Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular for Pixar Fest (although this is performed sans-pyrotechnics on certain nights), Magic Kingdom has Happily Ever After, and Disneyland Paris has Disney Dreams!

Meanwhile, Hong Kong Disneyland has “Momentous” Nighttime Spectacular, Shanghai Disneyland has ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration, and Tokyo Disneyland has Sky Full of Colors.

Fireworks of Tokyo Disneyland's Cinderella Castle

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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However, the latter has just made a major announcement – one that will leave its park without fireworks for over two months.

Tokyo Disney Resort will axe all performances of Sky Full of Colors from July 1 to September 18. There’s no replacement for the fireworks and no explanation as to why the resort is canceling fireworks during its busiest months of the year.

Cinderella Castle at nighttime

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

When the show does run, it has the unique advantage of being visible from not one but two theme parks. Tokyo Disney Resort guests can watch Sky Full of Colors from both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Fortunately, the park’s nighttime parade – Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights – has not been canceled and will continue to be performed nightly (with the exception of rainy days, when the mini parade “Nightfall Glow” will be performed instead).

Fireworks over Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disney Resort

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

When Tokyo Disneyland does welcome back a fireworks display, it’ll be a brand-new show. First announced in January, the as-yet-unnamed nighttime spectacular will debut on September 20, 2024, and feature the likes of Mary Poppins, Hercules, Baymax, and Buzz Lightyear.

The show will also serve as the debut for Marvel characters at Tokyo Disney Resort, with the resort now finally able to access the franchise’s IP following the expiry of Universal Studios Japan’s Marvel license and the closure of its Spider-Man attraction in January.

Unlike Sky Full of Colors, this will utilize projections on the iconic Cinderella Castle, similar to fireworks shows found at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland. It will also last for approximately 20 minutes, which is considerably longer than the current show, which just synchronizes pyrotechnics to music for five minutes each night.

Tokyo Disneyland nighttime show featuring an array of animated characters

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

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While there may not be fireworks at Tokyo Disney Resort this summer, there’s plenty else to enjoy at the theme parks. This June, Tokyo DisneySea will welcome Fantasy Springs, a new land consisting of three miniature areas inspired by Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010), and Peter Pan (1953).

What’s your favorite fireworks display at a Disney theme park? Let us know in the comments!

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