8 Ways to Enjoy Walt Disney World Without Going into the Parks

1. Fireworks

It is extremely hard not to think of fireworks when you think of Disney World. There are many places you can watch the fireworks outside of the park. There is a viewing deck on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. The Grand Floridian boat dock allows you to see a magical view of Wishes.  While enjoying the campfire at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, if you choose not to watch the movie, head over to the beach area! There you will have an amazing view of Wishes and the music is piped in!

What are your favorite things to do outside of the parks at Walt Disney World?

About Brandon Blanchard

Brandon Blanchard has been married for 14 years and has 5 children. All 7 Blanchards are infatuated with Disney World! Their Disney Infatuation started after his wife, Esme, convinced him to take their then four children (7 and under) to Disney in December of 2010. She had grown up going to Disney and wanted her own children to experience the magic! He told her that they could go once, but he didn't know why on earth he needed to use a whole week of his vacation time. There were only 4 parks! After walking down Main Street for the first time, Brandon looked at his wife and he started the next sentence with the most magical four words: “When we come back…” Disney World has become their happy place and can make everything right! After a series of corporate relocations, Brandon jumped on one that would move his family to Central Florida permanently in 2015. Professionally, Brandon is a manager for a Technical Support Company. Esme homeschools their 5 children who think it is SO COOL that they have the freedom and flexibility to visit theme parks weekly!