8 Totally Cool Things About Splash Mountain At Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom is the favorite Walt Disney World theme park of many guests thanks to its perfect combination of classic and thrilling attractions that can be shared by the whole family. The Magic Kingdom features several distinct lands that each have their own themes designed to whisk guests to places of imagination and adventure. The Magic Kingdom is also home to its very own mountain range, featuring four thrilling attractions that will bring guests into two classic Disney animated films, the Wild West, and space. Splash Mountain is located in the Frontierland section of the Magic Kingdom and it invites guests to embark on a journey with Br’er Rabbit who is in search of more adventure. After boarding logs, guests set off on the soaking adventure, quickly realizing that Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear are out to catch Br’er Rabbit. Throughout Splash Mountain there are dozens of wonderful animatronic characters that help to create an immersive story for guests to enjoy. The final thrill of Splash Mountain comes with the daring drop into the Briar Patch below, guaranteed to make guests laugh as they are soaked. In addition to the thrills and wonderful story, Splash Mountain is home to amazing details that help to bring the attraction to life. From Hidden Mickeys to Imagineer tributes, there are many details to find and enjoy. Here are eight totally cool things about Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

8. Character Portraits

The queue of Splash Mountain is very lengthy to accommodate for the high crowds that the attraction experiences, especially on hot summer days. While moving through the queue, guests go through an outdoor portion before climbing a set of stairs and moving through a final hallway where many framed portraits and sayings can be found. Three of the portraits feature Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear and hint to guests a little bit about each character’s personality and what they will be like on the journey ahead. Br’er Rabbit’s portrait tells that he is looking for adventure, Br’er Fox’s portrait shares that he is looking for trouble, and Br’er Bear is just looking!

7. Flashing Light

Once guests reach the loading platform on Splash Mountain, they are assigned a row by a Cast Member and asked to wait in that particular spot until it is their turn to boar their logs. While waiting to board, guests should look around and check out all of the small details in the loading area including a lantern that appears to be broken since it keeps flashing. The lantern isn’t actually broken, but rather is a signal to the Cast Members when the boats have been cleared and can move on!

6. Fishing Hidden Mickey

Several scenes on Splash Mountain depict the various animals of the story enjoying their local fishing holes while merrily singing. While moving through one scene depicting the characters fishing, guests should look to the left hand side of their logs to spot a peculiar looking fishing bobber. The bobber is formed by one large bobber on the bottom and two smaller ones on top which come together to create the perfect classic Hidden Mickey!

5. FSU!

The Laughing Place is one of the liveliest scenes of Splash Mountain and brings guests through caves that feature many different characters, jumping fountains, and kinetic energy. While moving through the scene, guests can look to the right hand side of their logs to spot several gophers who jump up shouting out in excitement one at a time. After the gophers on the right have all jumped a final gopher jumps down from the ceiling above and yells out “FSU!” This gopher is also wearing a hat and orange t-shirt which might strike guests as odd. The gopher is referencing Florida State University, or FSU, where many of the Imagineers attended school and the orange represents the university’s colors!

4. Rockwork Hidden Mickey

At the end of the Laughing Place scene, guests witness Br’er Bear finally being caught by Br’er Fox as they descend a steep lift hill towards the final drop into the Briar Patch. As guests near the top of the lift hill, they should look at the rockwork on the upper left hand side of the opening. A Hidden Mickey can be found in the form of just his face jutting out from the rockwork. Guests should look for the point and tip of his nose to spot him! This Hidden Mickey can also be seen from the bridge outside of Splash Mountain, however from that vantage it would be on the upper right hand side of the opening.

3. Clouds Hidden Mickey

After the thrilling drop into the Briar Patch, guests enter into a scene celebrating the return of Br’er Rabbit who has decided that he has had enough adventure. The scene features a massive showboat with many dancing animals celebrating on board. To the right of the showboat is a large sky scene featuring several clouds up above. Guests who look closely in the clouds can spot another Hidden Mickey showing Mickey’s entire body lying on his back also looking up at the clouds. Guests who ride the Walt Disney World Railroad into the Frontierland station can also spot this Hidden Mickey as they are given a glimpse into this scene.

2. Lowered Water

While Splash Mountain is sure to at least get guests a little wet depending on where they are sitting, the crowds drawn to it are understandably lower in the winter months. Guests are more tentative to get wet as the temperatures are lower and the sun is not as strong leading them to need much more time to properly dry off. However, guests need not worry too much as the water on Splash Mountain is lowered during the colder months to refrain from completely soaking guests. This allows guests to still enjoy the attraction without the fear of being totally drenched.

1. Hidden Reservoir

Found behind Splash Mountain is a massive reservoir filled with the water that pumps through the attraction. The reservoir is nearly as tall as the attraction itself and holds millions of gallons of water that is constantly being pumped through the many different portions of the attraction. Guests who would like a glimpse backstage at the reservoir of Splash Mountain can do so on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour offered daily in the Magic Kingdom!

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