8 Things You’ll Love About Tambu Lounge At Walt Disney World

Lapu Lapu at Tambu Lounge
Credit: Disney Dining

Guests who visit Walt Disney World have the opportunity to enjoy visiting one of the over two dozen Disney Resorts which each feature their own unique theme and atmosphere. A favorite of many guests is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort which brings the serenity and relaxation of the South Seas to life through tropical architecture, landscaping, beaches, and more. One of the highlights of the Disney Resort is its plethora of amazing dining locations that bring the flavors of the islands to life through wonderful menu options. While there are several quick service and full service dining locations scattered throughout Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, there is on lounge area in particular that guests love for various reasons. The Tambu Lounge is located on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House near the main entrance into ‘Ohana and it is always popular and bustling with guests. From wonderful atmosphere and small bites to amazing views and cocktails, there are plenty of reasons why guests enjoy spending time at this dining location. Here are eight things that guests will love about the Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

8. Open Air Atmosphere

Since the Great Ceremonial House features an open air design that allows guests to relax and go with the flow, it is no surprise that Tambu Lounge features the same environment. Guests can sit at the open air bar on tall stools or gather in lounge chairs at small round tables. From any vantage point, guests who enjoy time in the area can people watch as many other guests head through the Great Ceremonial House and into nearby ‘Ohana and Kona Café. With a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of space to relax, Tambu Lounge offers up a great environment for guests.

7. Amazing View

In addition to the relaxing seating and open air setup of Tambu Lounge, guests can also enjoy plenty of natural light from floor to ceiling glass walls that offer beautiful views of the nearby Volcano Pool. In addition, guests can take in sweeping views of Seven Seas Lagoon with Cinderella Castle and the Magic Kingdom directly across. While the views are wonderful during the day, guests can also enjoy a unique vantage each night of Happily Ever After while enjoying their wonderful cocktails in Tambu Lounge!

6. Lapu Lapu

One of the most beloved menu options at Tambu Lounge is a unique cocktail that is both tropical and strong while being served in a fun and interesting way. The Laup Lapu is served in a hollowed out pineapple whose top has been cut off into a wedge and added back on with a brightly colored straw and tropical umbrella. The delicious cocktail combines Meyer’s Original Dark Rum with tropical fruit juices and is then topped with Goslings 151 Rum.

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5. Backscratcher

Another guest favorite cocktail at the Tambu Lounge features a fun and quirky prop that guests can opt to keep as the perfect souvenir of their time spent at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The Backscratcher combines Bacardi Superior Rum, Myer’s Original Dark Rum, and passion fruit juice topped with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. What makes the Backscratcher so much fun is the tall bamboo backscratcher that is served right in the drink that gives it both a tropical and whimsical feel.

4. Sushi Options

While plenty of locations throughout Walt Disney World serve up amazing sushi options, guests are sure to love the ease and convenience of enjoy fresh sushi in the comfortable and easily accessible Tambu Lounge. Sushi menu offerings include options such as the Dragon Roll, Kona Sampler, California Roll, Vegetable Nigiri, and Hamachi Tuna-Cilantro Roll, and with so many options guests are sure to find one that they love!

3. Entrees

During the lunch hours, Tambu Lounge serves up some amazing entrees that guests will absolutely love to the last drop. Guests can choose from delicious options such as the Kona Coffee-Rubbed Filet, Asian Stir Fry, Five-Spice Ahi Tuna, Grilled Chili-Dusted Shrimp, Dashi with Grouper, and Ginger-Soy Chicken. Each meal comes served with some form of side or accompaniment, and guests will totally forget that they are in a lounge and feel as though they are enjoying a full service meal!

2. Appetizers

Guests who are looking to enjoy lighter options from Tambu Lounge can also order up several options that are all delicious and sharable. The Pot Stickers are a guest favorite and come served with a creamy soy ginger, the Stickey Wings feature a mustard drizzle and toasted sesame seeds, and the Lump Crab Cakes feature jade herb puree. In addition, guests can enjoy a seasonal soup option r the Kona Salad which features seasonal ingredients.

1. ‘Ohana Bread Pudding

Many guests who score reservations at ‘Ohana most look forward to the location’s beloved dessert option, but few realize that they can also enjoy it as a quick service option at the Tambu Lounge! The ‘Ohana Bread Pudding is served warm and gooey and topped with a decadent caramel sauce that is filled with fresh banana slices. This sticky and sweet dessert is a guest favorite and can be njoyed in the Tambu Lounge with a delicious cocktail!

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Caitlin Kane has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a child and has developed a deep love and appreciation of the Disney Parks with a particular interest in the small details and history that can be found all around. Visiting every chance she gets, Caitlin loves to enjoy the ambiance of the Disney Parks and try something new every time. She can often be found eating and drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, riding the Haunted Mansion, sipping on a Lapu Lapu, pretending Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was still in existence, and enjoying seeing the magic through the eyes of her children. When not in WDW, Caitlin can be found at home in New York dreaming of a ride on Living with the Land and counting down the days until her next trip.