8 Things You’ll Love About San Angel Inn Restaurante At Walt Disney World

Just inside the World Showcase at EPCOT, you’ll encounter a huge pyramid with steps leading up to an entrance. You have entered the fascinating and beautifully-cultured country of Mexico! And just inside that pyramid is an expansive Mexican street marketplace, selling ceramics, clothing, artwork and other wares and authentic souvenirs. Beyond the market, to the left of the pyramid, is the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction, featuring Disney’s Three Caballeros. And just behind the market is a beautiful restaurant called San Angel Inn. If you haven’t ever enjoyed this restaurant, be sure to book a reservation to enjoy it on your next visit to EPCOT. Here are 8 reasons you’ll love it!


8. Um, who doesn’t love Mexican food?

Really—is there anyone? I’m from Texas, and we love our Mexican food, so I was thrilled to discover this little gem of a restaurant at EPCOT. My husband and I enjoy it so much that we make a reservation to eat here on every trip to the parks. If you love authentic Mexican food, you’ll love San Angel Inn, so be sure to make your dining reservation up to 180 in advance of your trip via the My Disney Experience app or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

7. It’s always evening time!

No matter what time of day you visit San Angel Inn Restaurante, it will be dusk inside. The dark, star-lit sky is beautiful, and it adds to the romance and makes for a nice touch to the restaurant.

6. Enjoy dining in the Mayan ruins.

The restaurant is nestled in an area of Mayan ruins. Adjacent to the restaurant is a huge Mayan pyramid that—thanks to Disney Imagineers—looks just like the real thing. The pyramid makes an interesting backdrop for the restaurant and for your photographs!

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5. There’s even an active volcano!

To the right of the pyramid that stands near the restaurant, you will see an active volcano in the background. It’s another Imagineering marvel, as the volcano actually “erupts” on a loop every several minutes. Again, it adds to the setting of the restaurant.

4. Ambiance is always on the menu.

San Angel Inn is a very romantic restaurant. You feel the ambiance the moment you walk up to the host stand. The restaurant is very dark, and lit candles adorn every table. To add to the romance and ambiance, ask for a table near the water. Yes, there’s even a waterway near this restaurant.

3. Wave to Guests enjoying the attraction.

That waterway is part of the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction, starring Disney’s Three Caballeros. This boat ride is a virtual tour of Mexico and operates very much like the It’s a Small World attraction at Magic Kingdom. The ride begins with the boat floating in front of the big Mayan pyramid along the waterway that separates the pyramid from the restaurant. You can enjoy the attraction before or after dinner at San Angel Inn, but while you’re dining—if you happen to get that table by the water—be sure to wave to the passers-by as they begin their tour of Mexico.

2. Enjoy really good chips and salsa.

Again, I’m from Texas, and we are a bit picky when it comes to our chips and salsa, but the salsa, or should I say salsas, served at San Angel Inn are very good. They are made in-house and served at the table with corn chips. There are usually two to three kinds of salsas served, and each one is very good. Also, be sure to try the queso fundido, which is served with warm flour tortillas.

1. There are no Tex-Mex favorites, but you won’t mind.

If you’re looking for tacos, burritos and other Mexican chain-restaurant staples, you’ll need to go elsewhere. Those types of entrees are not served at San Angel Inn. But once you try any of the restaurant’s authentic Mexican dishes, you won’t miss the Tex-Mex items you’re used to back home. Among others, try the Sopa Azteca—a traditional chicken tortilla soup—and the Chile Relleno that’s stuffed with pulled pork. For something a little different, try the Carnitas de Puerco—braised pork served with roasted pineapple.

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