8 Things You’ll Love About Kringla Bakeri og Kafe At Walt Disney World

Walking around the World Showcase can leave you feeling pretty hungry. What better place to stop for a snack than in Norway? Kringla Bakeri og Kafe is a well-themed spot to grab a light lunch, quick dinner, or a delicious sweet treat. This food stop is very well-loved by avid Disney fans, and for good reason. Read on to learn why Disney World regulars love this little, unassuming cafe.

1. Authentic Desserts

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Kringla is an incredible lineup of desserts. These sweet treats look and smell amazing, and they taste just as wonderful as you might imagine. Not only are these desserts super delicious, they’re also authentic Norwegian treats. This means you’ll be getting a real taste of what Norway is like as you enjoy your fluffy, creamy, and altogether perfect taste. So which one should you order? Well, the School Bread—which has a cult-like following—is a pretty safe bet. Not only does it have the perfect level of sweetness, but it’s also quite filling and even more affordable. That said, there are plenty of other great options such as the Troll Horn and the Berry Cream Puff.

2. Norwegian Staff

Another thing that gives guests that authentic experience is the fact that the staff is made up of individuals who are actually from Norway. They are friendly and happy to share little tidbits about their country and culture. Ask about the various kinds of foods or pick a staff member’s brain about the trolls kept on the counter. They’ll be able to share a load of information about Norway that’ll leave you with a better understanding of the culture and the people.

3. Beautiful Decor

Rounding out the authenticity is the beautiful decor in the building itself. From the aforementioned countertop trolls to the traditional rosemåling, you’ll feel as though you’ve actually stepped into a bakery in Norway. Be sure to study your surroundings and really take it all in. You may be surprised by the attention to detail.

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4. Seating with a View

At the end of the line, you’ll be let out into a covered seating area. We love this area as it’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy a meal or a snack while you watch the world go by. Get in some people-watching or stare off into the water—either one is a fabulous option while enjoying some School Bread. Best of all, you’ll be shaded from the sun and shielded from the rain, making this a pretty great place to escape the weather during a walk around the World Showcase.

5. Quick Meal Option

Sometimes you just don’t want to stop to eat. This is especially true for those who have a limited amount of time to tour the parks and are trying to do Epcot in one day. If you find yourself in this position, Kringla is a great meal option. Serving up amazing and interesting sandwiches, Kringla offers plenty of foods that can be picked up and eaten while walking. This ensures you never miss a beat, even when your tummy starts rumbling. Not sure which sandwich to get? We recommend the Norwegian Club. However, the Roast Beef is equally as delicious, and really you can’t go wrong no matter what you order.

6. Serves Breakfast

Because the World Showcase doesn’t open until 11am, most of the restaurants in the back part of the park are closed during breakfast hours. Kringla is one of the few eateries in the area that does serve breakfast, and boy do they do it well. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast sandwich or a simple pastry to tide you over, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy for your morning meal. Pair it with some Viking Iced Coffee, and you should be ready to start the day. Of course, a ride on Frozen Ever After before or after your meal could also help wake you up!

7. Grab-and-Go Line Snacks

Speaking of Frozen Ever After, you’re probably going to want to ride this super popular dark ride. That said, the line can get pretty lengthy, and we all know the best thing to have on hand during a long wait is a snack. Therefore, because Kringla is right next door to Frozen Ever After, a stop at the bakery is almost a necessity before hopping in line for the ride. Trust us when we say the wait doesn’t seem so bad with a troll horn pastry in hand.

8. Alcoholic Beverages

Last but not least, we must mention the alcoholic beverages. While the kids probably don’t care in the slightest about alcohol, we know a good number of adults will. Kringla offers a number of adult beverages, making this an ideal place to stop for drinking around the world. From the Aquavit Glacier Shot to the alcoholic Viking Coffee mentioned before, you will almost certainly find something you enjoy here.

We hope this article has convinced you to try this little cafe on your next visit to Epcot. We love it, and we’re certain you will too!

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