8 Things You’ll Love About Karamell-Küche At Walt Disney World

This sweet shop in the Germany pavilion at Epcot is all about the caramel.  Werther’s caramel, to be exact.  But there’s so much more to discover in this adorably-themed shop, and it’s all delicious.  In fact, there’s really nothing we don’t love about Karamell-Küche!  Here are 8 of our favorite things – but don’t take our word for it.  We’re sure you won’t be able to resist trying everything!

1. Aroma-licious Smells

You will likely smell Karamell-Küche before you see it.  The name means “caramel kitchen” in German, and there could not be a more fitting name for it!  The sweet, enticing smell of rich, fresh caramel wafts throughout the shop and beyond the open doors, so you’ll be able to smell it while you’re walking around the German pavilion.  If you weren’t hungry before, you will be now!  The smell at Karamell-Küche is one of our absolute favorite smells in Epcot, and when you visit, you’ll know why.

2. Caramel Pecan Bar

We admit it: you really can’t go wrong at Karamell-Kuche – there is just no bad option!  But after trying more than our fair share of treats here, we’ve found the caramel pecan bar to be the best of the best.  It has a shortbread cookie crust under a thick layer of gooey, chewy caramel, topped with pecans, and a hint of salt to balance out the sweetness.  It’s heavenly, and definitely worth standing in line for, we promise!

3. Caramel Popcorn

The most popular snack at Karamell-Küche is their iconic caramel popcorn.  Yes, you’ve probably tasted caramel popcorn before, but never like this!  The popcorn is popped fresh, while guests watch, and Werther’s caramel and butter are melted and added to the mix.  The result is a rich, creamy treat that will make you see caramel popcorn in a completely new light!  Different sized bags are available, so if there’s any left (though we highly doubt it), it’s great for storage.

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4. Werther’s Candies Galore

In addition to all of the fresh caramel-y goodness baked daily in front of guests, there are also many varieties of pre-packaged Werther’s candies sold in Karamell-Küche.  Often, these include flavors you’re not likely to see in stores, so stock up here.

5. Caramel- and Chocolate-Covered Fruit

For those who want to balance out the sweetness in a Karamell-Kuche treat (or if you’re just looking for justification to try another caramel goodie – how can fruit be bad for you, after all?), you may find a winner with the chocolate- and caramel-covered strawberry and pineapple snacks.  The combination of fruit and chocolate or caramel is always a classic!

6. Kid-Friendly Options

If your little ones are a little selective in their snack choices and aren’t on board with some of the more sophisticated options at Karamell-Kuche (dark chocolate caramel squares with sea salt, for example), it’s always refreshing to see tried-and-true kid-friendly favorites.  There’s a Mickey krispie treat drizzled with caramel, and there are also caramel/chocolate-dipped marshmallows and caramel s’mores, all of which are bound to delight even the pickiest snacker!

7. Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit

Guests who are on the Disney Dining Plan have another reason to flock to Karamell-Küche: you can use your DDP snack credits here!  There’s actually a dizzying array of items that you can purchase with snack credits, including bags of Werther’s candies, many of the delectable caramel baked goods, a small bag of caramel popcorn, and several beverages.  So if you’re looking for a place to use up those snack credits, look no further.

8. Old-World Charm

It’s easy to get caught up in the tantalizing sights and smells of the caramel goodness at Karamell-Kuche.  But the quant, old-world German charm of the shop definitely deserves a glance (perhaps after you’ve gotten your hands on that caramel pecan bar).  There’s a mural inside that shows the history of Werther’s; did you know the company originated in a German village named (spoiler alert!) – Werther?

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