8 Things They Won’t Tell You About Snacks At Walt Disney World… But We Will!

8. Not All Snacks Are Worth A Snack Credit

All the Disney Dining Plans come with snack credits. But just because you can purchase an item with a snack credit, doesn’t mean you should. A banana can be a snack. A huge ice cream sundae can be a snack. You’re smart enough to know that an ice cream sundae is a much better use of a snack credit than a banana. So why would you waste a snack credit on something as little as a piece of fruit, or a water bottle? Sometimes we just get caught up in the moment. To help limit your credit wasting, set yourself a minimum price limit for your snack before you spend a credit. For me, I don’t use a snack credit on anything less than $3.50. That way I’m getting the most value out of those snack credits!