8 Things We Love About The American Adventure At Walt Disney World

The American Adventure Sign

A majority of the credit for this article must go to my dad. When I considered writing this article I knew there was no one more qualified to contribute. He is a retired history teacher. When I was growing up, no trip to EPCOT was complete until we visited the American Adventure Pavilion. I learned a lot about history through this attraction. My dad always recommends this show to anyone he knows is going to Walt Disney World.  He still never visits EPCOT without making a stop.


1. It Celebrates America!

What is more fitting in the Epcot World Showcase than to have a pavilion showcasing the United States?  Try condensing 400 years of American history in half an hour. Disney has done it!

2. Instant Inspiration

Once past the colonial style architecture, you walk into an expansive area with a beautiful rotunda as the centerpiece.  The walls are filled with paintings and quotes by famous Americans.  On one side is a museum dedicated to telling the African-American story.  Within a few minutes you will forget about the crowds and heat outside.

3. Bonus Concert

Arrive early to hear the Voices of Liberty. Fifteen minutes before most American Adventure presentations, sit on a bench or on the marble floor around the rotunda and enjoy one of the best a cappella groups in the country as they sing 4 or 5 American classics like “Oh Susanna” , “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, or even a Disney classic like “Let it Go.”  Dressed in elaborate colonial garb, they are awesome both in dress and voice.  Many people re-enter the pavilion just to hear this group. Check the daily program schedule.

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4. A Great Place To Relax

You will use an escalator that passes under dozens of flags and enter an auditorium with room for over 1000 people. For the next half-hour you can sit in a comfortable theatre seat and enjoy the air conditioning. It is a welcomed rest after walking to the back of EPCOT.  Ok, so some people get so relaxed they fall asleep.  Nowhere else in EPCOT do you get such a great opportunity!

5. Meet Famous People From American History

Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin narrate the American story and introduce you to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, “Rosie-the-Riveter” and many others.  Will Roger’s son gives voice to his father’s animatronic figure.  Frederick Douglass and Chief Joseph also remind us that America has not always lived up to the ideals it professes.

6. An Unexpected Ending

The half-hour ends with “American Dream”, an uplifting musical score echoing through the auditorium while the images of many Americans from the 1950’s onward appear and fade across the enormous screen. The curtain then rises to bring focus to the 12 sculptures surrounding the theater representing the spirit of America. Despite the absence of live actors, you will find it difficult not to applaud!

7. Pavilion Houses More Than A Show

What’s more America than a hamburger, hotdog or salad at the Liberty Inn.  Just turn right as you exit the pavilion.  Or you can turn left for the souvenir shop. Items representing each of the 50 states can be purchased.  Time for a restroom break?  They have these too!

8. A Full Theatrical Stage Production

This attraction took more than 5 years to produce. It has 35 animatronic characters, historic and original songs, 10 set changes, and multimedia integration. You will see some of the best animatronics at Disney World. Getting all of these pieces to move at the right time to create the program is pretty amazing!

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