8 Favorite Things in Adventureland at Walt Disney World

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In Disneyland Walt Disney designed Adventureland to reflect some of his true life adventures documentaries.  I love to visit Adventureland in the day time, it is so lush and “jungle-y,” and at night when the lighting is low and it feels very mysterious.  Here are 8 of my favorite things about Adventureland:

8. Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

I really enjoy themed dining at Walt Disney World, and Skipper Canteen is one of the most themed restaurants out there.  It is not overly popular, I think that the menu scares off some people with more exotic cuisine.  But it is such a fun experience to dine here I hope you will find something that appeals to you so you can try it out. The story is that it is run by Jungle Cruise Skippers when they are not working in their boats so you can expect the same puns and corny jokes (which I love).  Also take some time to explore all of the details around the restaurant, especially if you are a Jungle Cruise fan.

7. Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a Disney classic that dates back to Walt Disney and the early days of Disneyland.  This fun show features singing birds, plants and tikis that serenade you with Polynesian tradition and catchy songs—it is pretty impossible to leave without an earworm (“tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room”).  It is a nice respite from the heat and sun (or the rain) as the waiting area is under a cover and the show is indoors in the air conditioning, but I love it for the nostalgia, history and the Disney feel of it.

6. The view from the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

To be honest, I have always loved the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.  I think it is a very “Disney” attraction in that it always captures my imagination with the vignettes of the rooms (complete with music) . . . I’m always thinking about how it would feel to live there.  (PS Disney if you are reading this, a night staying in the Tree House would be an amazing Omaze charity entry option).  While it does require climbing quite a few steps (with stops along the way), one of the best things about the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House is the view from the top looking toward Cinderella Castle.  One time I even timed it just right that the fireworks from the stage show went off while I was up there.

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5. Pirate’s League

The Pirate’s League is an immersive experience where anyone ages 3 & up can be transformed into a salty pirate (but note that the great majority of patrons are kids).  There are several packages offered here, but all of them include an amazing experience of getting your Pirate name, the Pirate makeover of your choice, and being sworn in as a genuine Pirate Aaaargh!  My son loved this experience and we got some of the best photos while he was being transformed and after the reveal.  This is a very fun thing to do at any time, but if you can plan it before a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party it would be super special.

4. Tribal Drums

At a certain age my kids starting to really dislike walking into Adventureland with me.  As soon as you hit that bridge from the hub and those drums start playing I can’t walk without moving to the rhythm.  The background music loops are such an integral part of each land in Magic Kingdom, and in Adventureland those drums just make you feel happy (no matter how tired your feet are).

3. Dole Whip

Adventureland is the original home of the world famous Dole Whip . . . back before it spread to multiple resorts and parks.  Aloha Isle is where you will find the Dole Whip, but due to its popularity the location of Aloha Isle moved from its original location to accommodate the lines—you will find it beside the Enchanted Tiki Room.  My personal favorite is the Dole Whip Float with the pineapple soft serve and pineapple juice.

2. Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is another classic Disney that was an opening day attraction in Disneyland in 1955 along with Walt Disney World in 1971.  The attraction has stood the test of time, however; and is a guest favorite still—including one of mine. The Skippers who escort you through the Jungle and the many rivers make the attraction special with their corny jokes, puns, and interaction.  I recommend riding this one during the day so you can take in all of the details and scenes, but also at night when it seems to take on a different character (more mysterious like the rest of Adventureland).  During the holidays the Jungle Cruise transforms into the Jingle Cruise complete with Christmas decorations and Christmas themed jokes.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

When people ask me my favorite Disney attraction it is a hard choice, but if I have to narrow down to 1 I choose Pirates of the Caribbean.  There is just so much to love about it, and it was the very first Disney attraction that I ever rode (so sentimental favorite).   The rich storytelling is carried out with elaborate sets, costumes, and dialogue.  There is adventure and humor.  A little, tiny bit of a thrill to start the ride, then smooth sailing by the scenes.  Really, it has everything, including Captain Jack Sparrow.  Pirates of the Caribbean is another attraction that you may leave with an earworm (Yo Ho! Yo Ho!), but I think it is a very good one to have.

What are your favorite things about Walt Disney World’s Adventureland?

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