7 Toy Story Land Souvenir and Shopping Tips at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

I am absolutely enchanted by Toy Story Land after visiting this summer with my family.  We were there just a couple of weeks after opening day and the details are just amazing.  Without a doubt, one thing that is always popular after a new land opens in Walt Disney World are the souvenirs.  And with Toy Story Land I think it is even more so since Toy Story and its characters are so popular to begin with.  Here are a few things from my visit to share:

7. Cute Kiosks

When you visit Toy Story Land the first thing you see are the details at eye level, and then you start looking up and down and notice how much the Imagineers incorporated into the land.  There are not any inside shops in Toy Story Land (because you are in Andy’s backyard), but you will find two of the cutest souvenir kiosks anywhere.  The Imagineers created sales stands to look like a vintage toys—one is a “Little People” style family camper and the other is a dump truck.  They fit in perfectly with the theme and are so much fun like the rest of the land.  Be sure to notice where you are shopping, not just the merchandise.

6. Slinky Dog Dash & Dodge Power Boost Set

This hot toy was the Banshee of Toy Story Land, selling out almost immediately.  And I can see why because it is adorable, fun and a perfect keepsake to remember the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster.  Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering worked together to make the model complete with spinning flames and a launching vehicle.  It looks just like the part of the track where you go through the “Go Go Go Go” tunnel.  If you find it, buy it!  I am hoping the restock soon.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

5. Shop on Sunset Boulevard

If you would rather not be in a crowd in Toy Story Land shopping for your merchandise, or you just want to wait until you are on your way out of the park, you can find the Toy Story Land logo merchandise in the Beverly Sunset shop at the entrance to Sunset Boulevard—just around the corner from Hollywood Brown Derby and on the left as you turn down Sunset Boulevard from Hollywood Boulevard.  This is a nice shop because it is one stop shopping for not just your Toy Story Land Souvenirs, but any Pixar merchandise you might have on your wish list.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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4. Light Up Slinky

Since the launching Slinky Dog was sold out by the time we got to Toy Story Land, my favorite Slinky souvenir was the Light Up Slinky Dog.  This bendable version of slinky has lights in his front and backsides, and all along his spring in the middle.  You can set him to different patterns of lights from solid to flashing.  He is so much fun—and a perfect complement to the lighting in Toy Story Land at night.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

3. The Accessories

In Toy Story Land you can find a couple of cute accessories to complete your Toy Story look.  There are two headband style accessories—an alien and a slinky dog.  The alien version is a hard plastic with 3 light up eyes that perch on top of your head, a cute way to look like the chosen one.  The Slinky Dog is a cute plush headband that stretches Slinky Dog across your head.  I saw lots of guests wearing both of these in the parks and they are so cute!

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

2. Bucket of Soldiers

The bucket of green army men soldiers has been a souvenir toy option at Disney for a while, but I have a tip for you.  One of the most entertaining parts of Toy Story Land was the Green Army Men stationed throughout the area interacting with guests—they really make the land come alive.  My 6 year old bought a bucket of soldiers, and when we encountered one of the Green Army Men he was so impressed by the bucket that he offered to autograph it.  This made such a special magical moment and a perfect keepsake from Toy Story Land.  So, if you buy a bucket of soldiers—see if you can find a Green Army Man to sign the lid for you.

1. Collectible Pins

My number 1 souvenir from Toy Story Land are the collectible pins.  I think these are keepsakes that you can treasure for years. In my house we have pin boards where we place the pins to look at and remember our trips, and we love adding special ones like those from Toy Story Land to remember a first visit to a particular place.  There is a pin for Slinky Dog Dash, one for Alien Swirling Saucers, and some general Toy Story Land options.  The pins make for a fairly affordable souvenir, and it isn’t something that will be outgrown or become broken.

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

What are your favorite Toy Story Land souvenirs and shopping tips?

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