5 Things That Disney Insiders Do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There are a lot of changes taking place right now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Many attractions have closed, and there are promises for new adventures coming in the future! Even though things are changing, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is still worth part of your Walt Disney World vacation. Here are five things that Disney insiders do when they stop by.

5. Enjoy the Muppet*Vision 3D Preshow

Muppet Courtyard

Muppet*Vision 3D is a funny show featuring Kermit and the gang. The theater is large, and it’s a great place to sit down for a few minutes, out of Florida’s heat. Before the show, guests are brought to a soundstage, where a preshow will play on several TV monitors. Most people ignore the show and stand around and talk. They miss out; the show is hilarious. It is filled with puns and sight gags, the type that you expect from the Muppets. The props that are scattered around the soundstage deserve a look as well. You’ll see trunks holding Miss Piggy’s dresses, a net full of Jello (a nod to Mousketeer Annette Funicello), and more. The preshow moves at a fast pace, and it will get you in the mood for the actual show.

4. Ride The Great Movie Ride in the Morning, and Ask

Hollywood Boulevard

The Great Movie Ride is a slow moving train that takes you through some classic movies. It combines audio-animatronic figures and live actors. Your train will be hijacked, but it all turns out fine. If you ride during the afternoon, chances are that your hijacker will be a gangster named Mugsy. On crowded days, and often in the morning, there is a second scenario to keep the line moving. Instead of Mugsy, a bank robber will take over some of the trains. If you have never experienced that premise, ask a Cast Member in the queue area if both are running. If so, tell another Cast Member near the ride’s entrance that you’d like to be part of the bank robber story. He or she will make it happen.

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3. Go to the Last Fantasmic! Show

Sunset Boulevard

Fantasmic! is an awesome way to end the day. The show combines live action, fireworks, water screens, and more, for a truly unforgettable experience. It is extremely popular, and on busy days the theater will fill up early! If two shows are offered on your Hollywood Studios day, we recommend attending the second show. For some reason everyone will flock to the early showing of Fantasmic!, and it will often end up being standing room only. On nights when there are two shows the second is often not nearly as crowded. Unless your family is too tired, plan to see the later show. That’s what insiders will do. There are usually seats to spare. If there is only one show the evening that you’re there, ask a Cast Member near the entrance what time he or she recommends you and your family arrive. Fantasmic! is a show that you don’t want to miss.

2. Ride Star Tours More Than Once

Echo Lake

The original Star Tours had one scenario, making each ride the same. In 2010, the ride shut down and several months later it reopened as Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. The new ride features familiar faces from the franchise, and takes guests deep inside two different worlds each ride. If you only ride once, you’ll be missing out. Insiders know that there are now over 50 different ride combinations, and that will expand even as more movies are released. If you want to get the full effect, you will need to ride several times. Another thing that insiders know is that the line for Star Tours is usually shortest the last couple of hours of the day. You’ll be able to see all the different worlds and characters then, but you won’t be able to stay on the ride repeatedly. Disney requires that guests get off and then back on so that they will not have a problem with motion sickness.

1. Make a Difficult Decision

Insiders know that a difficult decision has to be made before they plan to spend a few hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. FastPass+ at the park features two tiers. You can reserve one ride or show from Tier One, and two from Tier Two. The problem is that both Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and Toy Story Midway Mania! are Tier One choices, meaning that you can’t reserve both in advance. These are the two rides that usually end up having the longest lines. If insiders want to ride both, they will make a FP+ reservation for one, and arrive at rope drop to get in line right away for the other. That is usually the only way to avoid long waits.

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