7 Facts And Secrets About Space Mountain At Walt Disney World

Many guests who visit Walt Disney World don’t consider a vacation complete until they have spent a ton of time in the Magic Kingdom. The park is home to several lands which are full of immersive details to help bring different stories, environments, and attractions to life. One of the most vibrant, kinetic, and popular areas of the park is Tomorrowland which brings the technology and energy of the future to life. The land is full of popular attractions that showcase all different aspects of tomorrow, but there is one in particular that is a favorite of many guests. Space Mountain is the focal point of Tomorrowland as it dominates the architecture found there. The attraction is one of several mountains in the Magic Kingdom, and it brings guests on an out of this world adventure through the depths of space. Filled with big thrills and entertaining moments, Space Mountain is a favorite attraction of many guests and one that can’t be missed. Here are seven facts and secrets about the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain.

7. Unique Architecture

Space Mountain is one of the most unique looking attractions in all of Walt Disney World. The structure is truly massive and it features a triangular shape with a white pointed spire on top. A detail that helps to make the attraction look so futuristic is the placement of the structural beams. Instead of placing the beams on the inside of the building as is customary, Imagineers decided to put them on the exterior to give the attraction a more futuristic and space looking feel. The beams were then painted white and help to make Space Mountain look like a building straight from another galaxy.

6. Sneak Peak

Guests who aren’t sure whether they are ready for a ride on Space Mountain can get a sneak peek into the attraction to help them decide. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover can be found in the center of Tomorrowland and brings guests on a bird’s eye tour of the area. While moving throughout the land on the attraction, guests are treated to glimpses into nearby attractions and buildings including Mickey’s Star Traders, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and Space Mountain. The glimpse into Space Mountain immerses guests in total darkness, but if they look closely they can see the ride vehicles rocketing around in the distance.

5. Starport 75

Space Mountain brings guests to the intergalactic travel hub of Starport 75. While the name might seem like a random choice to simply make the experience seem more futuristic, it actually pays tribute to the history of Space Mountain. The attraction opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1975, making Staport 75 an appropriate name to honor its long history thrilling guests.

4. Safety First!

While making their way through the lengthy queue, guests pass by television screens which play safety information for the experience to come. While the safety spiel is one that guests frequently hear on thrilling attractions in Walt Disney World, it also features some video footage of guests enjoying a ride on Space Mountain. Guests who watch the video closely can spot a man riding in one of the ride vehicles wearing a shirt featuring a Hidden Mickey.

3. Alpha & Omega

Space Mountain features two different tracks for guests to enjoy depending on which way they head after the queue splits. The tracks are Alpha and Omega and they are essentially mirror copies of each other except for one side that is several feet longer to accommodate crossing over the other side. When guests first blast off and ascend the lift hill, they are neck and neck with guests in a rocket on the other track, making the adventure seem like an out of this world race.

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2. Top Speed

While there are plenty of thrilling attractions in Walt Disney World, Space Mountain is considered to be one of the biggest adventures of them all. This is why many guests are surprised to learn that the attraction doesn’t travel nearly as fast as they might think! Space Mountain’s top speed is around twenty eight miles per hour which is pretty slow compared to Test Track Presented by Chevrolet in Epcot and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Disney’s Hollywood Studios which both exceed sixty miles per hour!

1. Mesa Verde

After disembarking their rockets, guests who enjoy a ride on Space Mountain can check out their photos from the experience before stepping onto a moving platform that brings them back to Tomorrowland. Right at the start of the moving platform is a pile of suitcases and luggage that are awaiting their final galactic destination. Guests who look closely at the stickers on the luggage might notice a destination that seems familiar. A Mesa Verde sticker can be found on one suitcase which pays homage to an extinct Epcot attraction. Horizons allowed guests to choose one of three potential futures to witness, including one that showcased the desert like city of Mesa Verde.

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