5 Reasons Why We Love Space Mountain At Walt Disney World

Space Mountain opened at Walt Disney World on January 15, 1975, and it has been thrilling guests ever since. It is located in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. The ride is quite popular, and lines will grow long quickly on most days. Try to ride first thing in the morning, or use one of your FastPass+ selections to avoid a lengthy wait. If you do get stuck in a long standby line, there is an interactive queue that helps to keep guests busy and entertained. Pay attention to the health warning’s at the ride’s entrance, and Space Mountain does mess with some people’s heads. That said, here are five of the many reasons why we love Space Mountain.

5. It’s in the Dark

Roller coasters are more fun in the dark because you never know what to expect next. With Space Mountain, you and the rest of the crew will have blasted off into outer space. It’s not totally dark, there are stars, comets, and meteors along the way. The sound effects add to the fun. You’ll ride single file (six riders per vehicle), so you can’t grab onto the arm of the person next to you for each unexpected dip or turn. It’s just you and the stars.

4. A Fairly Tame Ride

The darkness of Space Mountain makes it feel like goes much faster than it actually does. In fact, most guests would be surprised to learn that Space Mountain reaches a top speed of only about 28 miles per hour. Since the drops and hills aren’t really all that big, Space Mountain is a good choice for someone who likes smaller roller coasters but doesn’t want to hit G forces. There are no inversions, and no bar over your shoulders to hold you in. A simple lap bar does the trick. Thrill lovers still adore Space Mountain, but they admit that it’s not the most intense ride that they’ve ever been on.

3. First “Big Kid” Roller Coaster

You must be at least 44 inches or taller to ride Space Mountain. Compare that to 48 inches for Summit Plummet, or 51 inches or taller for some of the roller coasters at nearby non-Disney parks. If your kids are bored by the 38 inch height requirement on The Barnstormer, but are still unsure about Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Expedition Everest, they might be ready for Space Mountain. It could be their first “big kid” roller coaster. If they like it, then consider trying the larger coasters at Walt Disney World. Remember, height requirements are in place for a reason…the safety of your children. Know before you leave home which rides your kids are not yet tall enough for. Do not put lifts in your kids’ shoes to try to make them taller. Also, do not argue with the Cast Members or beg them to allow your 43 1/2 inch tall child to ride. Trying to break the rules is not a good example to set for your children.

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2. It’s a Disney Parks Classic

Space Mountain is a classic, it’s as simple as that. Different versions of the ride can be found at Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris. Some of the incarnations are known as Hyperspace Mountain, and they have a Star Wars theme. The most daring version of Space Mountain can be found at Disneyland Paris. It’s the only one that has inversions. The Walt Disney World version was the first to open. It’s undergone some changes through the years, but it remains fairly true to the original ride.

1. It’s Fun!

The best part about Space Mountain is that it is a fun ride! It lasts approximately two and a half minutes, and that’s two and a half minutes of non-stop fun. There are two different tracks; Alpha and Omega. For totally different experiences, ask to sit in the front one ride and in the back the next. It will feel like you’re riding another version of the same thing. Allow yourself to get caught up in the theme and you will really feel like you are blasting off into space. Space Mountain should be part of your Walt Disney World vacation, even if you have to wait in the the stand-by line. At least you will wait indoors in the air conditioning.

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