5 Reasons We Love The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Credit: Disney Dining

No trip to Walt Disney World is complete without spending plenty of time in the vacation destination’s original theme park. The Magic Kingdom opened with Walt Disney World in 1971 and has been changing and evolving ever since. While there have been plenty of changes to the park, Disney Imagineers strive to continue to create new experiences which have rich stories, familiar characters, and lots of fun. One of the newest attractions in the Magic Kingdom features all of those elements and more. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train brings the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to life while featuring amazing technology, big thrills, and beautiful scenery. Since the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is so amazing, it is a favorite among many guests and tends to have long wait times on busy days in the park. The best ways to enjoy the attraction are by either visiting first thing in the morning or booking a FastPass. No visit to the Magic Kingdom is complete without stopping by New Fantasyland for a ride on this amazing attraction! Here are the top five reasons why guests love the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

5. Interactive Queue

The magic of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train begins the moment guests step through the entrance of the queue. The beginning portion of the queue is outdoors and features lush trees with quaint wooden lampposts. Guests who look closely can also spot the dwarf’s cabin and hear cheerful music coming from inside. Once guests find themselves on the covered portion of the queue, there are plenty of interactive elements to keep them entertained and make the time spent waiting pass by quickly. Guests can play a game where they have to match jewels floating past by their shape and color, interact with flowing streams of water that play music when touched, and spin gem filled buckets to create beautiful patterns on the ceiling above. With so many fun experiences to enjoy while waiting on the queue, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is entertaining in every way!

4. Mine Carts

Once guests reach the loading area of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, they board innovative and unique mine carts. There are several carts on each train that can each seat four people, but the real magic of them begins once guests whisk out of the loading area and onto the track. Once out in the open, the mine carts independently sway from side to side with each twist and turn adding a thrilling and new experience for guests to enjoy. While the swaying motion might make some guests think that the attraction is a bumpy one, it is in fact a very smooth ride the only gently sways.

3. The Dwarfs

The highlight of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is when guests enter into the mines where the dwarfs work collecting precious gems. The mine shimmers with thousands of gems, but the real wow moment comes when guests first glimpse the dwarfs. The seven characters are amazing audio-animatronic figures which are so realistic and lifelike that may guests might think that they are real! With the advanced technology used in creating the figures, each dwarf can showcase their personality through movements and facial expressions. Sleep can be found peacefully dozing, Dopey has a silly expression, and Doc is all business as he announces the end of the day. After moving through the mine, guests can then sing along with the dwarfs as they head home from work for the day to the classic song “Heigh Ho.”

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2. Surprise Ending

After leaving the mine, there are several more exciting drops, twists, and turns before the surprise ending that is a great moment while enjoying a ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The mine train breaks next to the dwarf’s cabin where the seven characters and Snow White can be found joyfully dancing away and playing instruments. While the scene might seem peaceful enough, guests get a surprise as they begin moving back into the loading area and spot the Evil Queen disguised as the old witch cackling away with a basket of poisonous red apples.

1. Memories

While guests love to experience the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, they can continue to relive the experience long after riding thanks to some amazing technology. Guests who have access to Disney’s PhotoPass can log onto their account to check out photos from the attraction as well as a short video. The video combines audio of the dwarfs along with a slow motion clip of guests enjoying a particular curve on the attraction. This little bit of magic is a great way for guests to continue reliving the fun and excitement of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train long after their Walt Disney World vacation has ended.

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