5 Crazy Rumors About Walt Disney World Parks

Paula K

Walt Disney World is constantly changing. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a new ride, or a whole new land, you can expect something different each time you visit. Because of the constant changes, there are some crazy rumors out there. Here are five that you may or may not have heard. Who knows, some of these rumors just might become fact in the future.

5. Parking Garage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Many of the rumors currently floating around have to do with the future of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. One rumor that may actually make sense is that there will eventually be a parking garage. While such a structure might not fit the current image of the park, with the updated lands it might make more sense. Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land are going to use 25 acres combined, and taking some land from the current parking lot might not be a bad idea. The park of the future will not resemble what is there now, in fact it has slipped that the name Disney’s Hollywood Studios will eventually also change. (One rumor on that is that the new name will be Disney’s Hollywood Adventure.) Garage parking at Disney Springs has mostly been a hit, and it works fairly well at nearby Universal Orlando Resort. A parking garage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios would free up some land, and guests might welcome it since they wouldn’t get into a hot car if they didn’t stay all day.

4. Cars Land

A rumor that now has little merit also centers around Disney’s Hollywood Studios. After the success of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, it was rumored that something similar was on the way to Florida. Whether or not it was actually considered is not known. The announcement that a land based on Toy Story, which, like Cars, is a Pixar creation, has pretty much put to rest the Cars Land rumor. The end of Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show (which featured a segment with Lightning McQueen) and the closing of the Cars meet and greet area show that an expanded Cars presence at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is probably not on the drawing board anymore; if it ever was.

3. Muppets for President?

Ever wonder what is on the second floor of the Hall of Presidents building at the Magic Kingdom? According to one rumor, that space might soon contain a Muppets attraction, featuring the patriotic Sam Eagle. The Hall of Presidents exhibit would not change. There has been no official hint that something might be happening on the second floor. The latest edition of The Muppets television show was canceled by ABC on May 12, 2016. It could be that Disney was waiting to see if the show was a hit before deciding whether or not to move the Muppets into Liberty Square. Most Walt Disney World fans who have heard the rumor agree that the Muppets really do not belong in Colonial America, no matter how much Sam Eagle loves America.

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2. More Branding for World Showcase

When it was announced that Maelstrom was closing at Epcot and being replaced with Frozen Ever After, many Disney fans worried about the future of World Showcase. After all, the movie takes place in the mythical land of Arendelle, not Norway. Fans of the idea reminded naysayers that Arendelle is very similar to Norway. That was when the rumors of other branding in World Showcase started. Would Morocco be turned into Agrabah or England into the Hundred Acre Wood? While such rumors have floated around since the original announcement about the changes to the Norway Pavilion, so far there seems to be little truth to them.

1. Fifth Theme Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on April 22, 1998, and that was about the time that rumors of an upcoming fifth theme park first started to circulate. There is certainly room for a fifth theme park, less than 34% of the land that is owned by Walt Disney World has been developed. Some of the undeveloped land is not suitable for construction, and 11,500 acres house the Disney Wilderness Preserve. There are still several areas that would be large enough to develop a new theme park, complete with parking and hotels. There is no real evidence to suggest that a fifth park is in the works, in fact the new lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios put out the fire somewhat because a Star Wars Theme Park or a Pixar Theme Park were both rumored. Still, it’s fun to dream about another park and what it could be like. With all the intellectual properties that the Walt Disney Company has purchased in the past few years, there could be some highly guarded secret talks behind closed doors taking place, and this rumor could someday become a reality.

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