2020 Walt Disney World New Year’s Resolutions

Disney's Riviera Resort

As 2019 wraps up and 2020 is getting ready to start, many begin to think about what their resolutions will be for the upcoming year.  Here are some Disney resolutions for your 2020 vacations.

1. Visit Disney Springs More

While at Walt Disney World, it is easy to skip Disney Springs.  One resolution would be to add a trip to Disney Springs for your next trip.  First and foremost, there are so many delicious food options here from Polite Pig to Art Smith’s Homecomin’ that you won’t be sorry you stopped by.  We suggest that you add a Disney Springs activity to your trip.  Check out the new NBA Experience, visit the VOID, go bowling or take in a movie.  These are all excellent options while in Disney Springs and fun ways to try something new in 2020.

2. Take New Transportation

Most Disney guests rely on Disney’s bus system to get to and from the four main theme parks during vacation.  We challenge you to try out a new mode of transportation during your next vacation.  The new skyliner takes guests to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios and is a fun attraction in itself.  Minnie Vans are a way to feel super special as these cute themed vans can take you throughout Disney property in style.  Although this isn’t free, it is a great option for guests wanting to get from resort to resort quickly or even to Magic Kingdom faster than a bus.  Consider taking a boat ride or monorail ride as well if you haven’t yet.  Boats take guests between the Magic Kingdom and area resorts as well as Epcot and the Epcot area resorts.  If staying at Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter, you can hop on a boat to Disney Springs.  These are relaxing rides that bring a different experience on a trip.

3. Try a New Touring Plan

If you are a Disney veteran, you probably have a touring plan you like to use.  Challenge yourself to mix it up during your next trip.  Take a break during the afternoon, allow yourself to sleep in or stay up late.  Whatever is your norm, take a day to try something different in your touring plan.  It might become your new norm.

Magic Kingdom’s Dumbo at Night

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4. Stay Somewhere New

Disney has so many resorts that it is sometimes hard to choose.  When you travel down in 2020, push yourself to stay somewhere you haven’t already.  Try out the new Gran Destino Tower, check out Riviera opening just this month or consider splurging for a night at a deluxe to just see what it is all about.  No matter where you choose to stay, you will be receiving great Disney service, fun accommodations and the Disney magic.

5. New Private Experience

During your next trip, think about paying for a special experience.  Disney’s After Hours, Early Morning Magic and dessert parties are excellent ways to experience Disney on a whole new level.  Each of these unique, special ticket events allow guests to feel like VIP while visiting the park in a special way. Another unique way to experience Disney is through a tour.  There are many tours throughout each of the parks and you are sure to find one that fits your interests.  From Behind the Seeds in Epcot to Keys to the Kingdom in Magic Kingdom, tours are a fantastic way to add something special to a trip.

Magic Kingdom After Hours

6. Add Some Pixie Dust

While on your next Disney vacation, try spreading pixie dust to others around out.  One great way to do this is by recognizing cast members.  At each guest service location, you can fill out a cast compliment card which is given to them.  On Twitter, guests can tweet @WDWToday #castcompliment as well.  These are easy ways to acknowledge the hard-working cast members throughout Disney. You can also consider spreading pixie dust to other guests.  In the past, we have brought pixie dust cards, small cards with Disney characters and sayings, and handed them out.  You can share dining credits if you have extras or just be extra magical to those around you.  It is amazing how kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day.

7. Plan an Opened Day

Disney has trained us to plan our vacations almost down to the minute.  During your next trip, try taking a day and planning nothing.  I know it sounds scary, but allow yourself to be spontaneous.  Visit whatever park you want, ride what you want, eat what you want in those moments, not what you planned 6 months ahead of time.  Even consider taking a resort day and just enjoy being at the pool.  These days can be the most rewarding.

All Stars Resort Pool

8. Take on a Challenge

During your next vacation, try completing one of the many Disney challenges that are out there or make up your own.  The most popular one is 4 parks in 1 day.  Another fun one is riding all the mountains in Disney or finding Hidden Mickeys in the parks.  You can try to meet as many characters as possible, or create a press penny in each park.  Choosing a challenge is a fun way to have a goal for the day while making it fun.  It also is a great way to get to multiple parks in one day.  There are many different challenges out there or consider doing your own.

9. Try Something New

This resolution seems like an easy one, but if you are a Disney veteran it is easy to fall back on the favorites and not try anything new.  Trying something new can be so many different options.  Try a new snack, or a new table service restaurant.  Ride a new ride or watch a show you haven’t done before while in Disney.  There are so many to choose from there is surely something new you can add to your plans.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

There are a few Disney resolutions for your next vacation to Walt Disney World.  Choose one or more for your 2020 trip to add some new, magical experiences to your trip.

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