1900 Park Fare: “Very nice breakfast, but characters slow to visit table……”

1900 Park Fare: “Very nice breakfast, but characters slow to visit table……”

We had this restaurant booked for Breakfast on a Sat. morning in early February. We arrived at the hotel and let Valet take care of the car as it didn’t matter price-wise if we self-parked or did Valet. $10 + tip just to go in for breakfast seemed pretty stupid actually and I wasn’t impressed by that. The resort should really give patrons a voucher for parking when they are just visiting the restaurant.

We had a few minutes before our seating to wander around the lobby and it was quite stunning to say the least. Very classy. When we were seated we were immediately given coffee and orange juice and invited to visit the buffet. The buffet was incredible and had everything imaginable including strawberry soup! There was more than enough variety to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Everything was fresh, tasty and the perfect temperature.

In the first 15 min. we were visited by Tigger and Alice. We watched Mary Poppins, Pooh and The Mad Hatter wander to every table but ours for the next 1/2 hour. I was getting slightly annoyed as our breakfast was pretty much over and we hadn’t yet had Mary Poppins come by, the reason we’d booked this restaurant in the first place!

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As time went by, we watched her and the others in the back taking a break (i guess) and we were just about to leave, when they finally came out. Mary Poppins could have been a bit friendlier too, she seemed a bit too stand-offish for a Disney Character? No harm no foul I suppose, but you’d think they would have a better handle on which tables had not been visited within a certain time frame.

Anyways, it probably would not put us off from visiting again as it was a lovely meal. I would have rated this all 5 points if not for the character experience and the parking fee.

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