10 Best Desserts at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney Dining

There’s a lot to love about Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  And the many delicious desserts found throughout the park are the (often literal) icing on the cake!  We’re especially fond of the seasonal desserts that can be found here during specially ticketed events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – simply spectacular!  But even if you’re visiting the Magic Kingdom outside of these events, there are plenty of sweet treats to keep you happy.  Here are ten of our favorites!


10. Dole Whip

Ahhh, the famous Dole Whip, perhaps the single most popular dessert in all of Walt Disney World.  Is it deserving of its cult status?  Try it, and find out!  This creamy, dairy-free soft-serve treat is available in its signature pineapple flavor, and also in vanilla (you can also get it combined with pineapple juice as a float).  Head to Aloha Isle in Adventureland to sample this classic treat.

9. The Grey Stuff

Try it.  It truly IS delicious!  This noteworthy dessert from Beauty and the Beast can be found, fittingly, at Be Our Guest Restaurant, and we highly recommend you don’t leave without trying it.  The Grey Stuff sits atop a chocolate spongecake (the “Master’s Cupcake”).  It has a decidedly grey tinge, and tastes like whipped cookies and cream mousse.  Yum!

8. Warm Cinnamon Roll

Thankfully, you don’t have to be burly and brawny to eat the Warm Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern!  Guests simply rave about this dessert, and it’s easy to see why.  Moist and cinnamon-y, and drizzled with lots and lots of mouth-watering icing, this treat is perfect as a dessert or even as a meal unto itself!


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7. Tiramisu

We recently discovered Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and were delighted to be seated on the verandah, dining overlooking Main Street USA, a view we never imagined was possible.  But just as appealing for guests is the restaurant’s hit dessert, the Tiramisù.  It’s a delicacy featuring lady fingers soaked in Kahlua Espresso, with whipped mascarpone and mocha cream to top it off.  This delicious, classic Italian indulgence is worth a visit!

6. Cheshire Cat Tail

The Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland is a small snack location, and can easily be overlooked by guests.  But it’s definitely worth a visit for its cute – and tasty – dessert, the Cheshire Cat Tail.  Named for its pink and purple drizzled icing, this treat consists of a flaky, braided pastry – somewhat like a croissant – with chocolate filling and topped with chocolate chips.  Somehow, all that chocolate and icing manages to avoid being overwhelmingly sweet, which makes it a perfect dessert for those who prefer not to put themselves into a sugar coma.

5. Mickey Waffles

A favorite among Walt Disney World resort guests, Mickey-shaped waffles have long been a counter service breakfast hit.  Well, the secret’s out – these adorable and tasty waffles also make the perfect dessert, and they can be found outside of the resorts at Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow.  You can get them topped with powdered sugar or with strawberries and whipped cream.  No matter how you eat them, we’re sure they’ll be a hit with your entire family!

4. Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

There’s something so comforting about toffee cake!  This one, at Liberty Tree Tavern, definitely lives up to its name.  The ooey-gooey concoction has as much yummy toffee as you could want, with an addition that elevates it to another level – chocolate chips.  It’s served warm, of course, with loads of caramel, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream.  Mmmmmm!

3. Coconut Bar

Just in case you need another reason to visit the fantastically-themed, Jungle Cruise-based restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, Skipper Canteen offers one of our favorite desserts in the park.  The Coconut Bar is a refreshingly light treat, comprised of a vanilla chiffon cake topped with coconut and pineapple-basil compote.  And don’t forget the white chocolate ganache and vanilla cream!  It’s an innovative, and perfectly yummy, combination.

2. Doughnut Sundae

You’ll want to save your appetite for this top-ten dessert – or be prepared to share!  The Doughnut Sundae at Plaza Ice Cream Parlour on Main Street USA is a whole lot of deliciousness.  The Krispy Kreme-esque doughnut is covered with your choice of ice cream, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  It’s topped with fun toppings like peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, hot fudge, chocolate Mickey Ears, and a cherry!  Go ahead, indulge, you’re on vacation.

1. Dessert Party Delights

Finally, if you still can’t get enough of Magic Kingdom desserts (and who can blame you?), reserve a spot for Disney’s Fireworks Dessert Party.  Taking place on Tomorrowland Terrace with a perfect view of the fireworks, the Dessert Party is an excellent way for dessert lovers to celebrate a perfect day in the park.  A variety of scrumptious – and beautiful – desserts awaits you, including character-themed delights, ice cream, cakes, tarts, cookies, fruit and cheese.  And the best part?  You don’t even have to choose!  Because this is a buffet, you can sample any and all desserts.  Your sweet tooth will thank you.

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