Walt Disney World’s International Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot Details Announced

Epcot’s Annual Flower & Garden Festival will be going into it’s 24th year for the event.  It all begins on March 1, 2017 and runs through May 29, 2017.  The event is extremely popular with various flowers, plants, topiaries, cooking demonstrations, produce demonstration, food stands and more.  The event is included in general admission to Epcot, with many of the demonstrations also included while select demonstrations are available for an extra charge.  Some of the new elements to look forward to with the 2017 event include, but aren’t limited to:

  • New Epcot entrance topiaries that will be a new design for this year’s event.
  • Princess topiaries that will include designs that include facial features.
  • 6 foot tall Figment topiary
  • Interactive play gardens for the kiddos
  • 2 new outdoor kitchens, plus the original 13 kitchens from last year
  • Extended Festival Center operating hours
  • Garden Rocks bands and shows
  • Garden Rocks Dining Packages for reserved concert viewing

There will be so much more to the event for this year, and we can’t wait to see what all is in store.  These new additions are sure to be a huge hit and enhance the experience.

Please read our article below 8 Big Reasons You Should Attend the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival by Molly Elias

I love the Flower and Garden Festival! This event held in Epcot each year is full of fun and innovation and education! The Festival has been going on for years and keeps getting better each time, so make sure you check it out! Here are my 8 big reasons why:

8. It Switches Epcot Up: Epcot is wonderful to begin with, everyone can accept that. But with festivals, comes a new flavor to the Park. They add dimension and a freshness. Disney never wants to leave its parks dormant for too long, so the Flower and Garden Festival is a fantastic bridge from the holiday season to summer. Disney also brings in artists and others specifically for the Festival with art and décor that is new and beautiful. It’s always fun to explore and fall in love with new things in Disney, so the Festival provides a great setting to do this.

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7. It’s Mostly Off-Season: In addition to the perfect weather, the crowds are also pretty low during Festival times.  I can always enjoy Disney, but it’s definitely nicer when there aren’t many people. It just takes down the stress and craziness levels.

There are people, like my family, who go to Disney specifically at this time for the Festival, but generally it’s less crowded

6. The Weather is Perfect: Squished between mid-March and late-April, the Festival always has amazing weather. The winter “cold,” has ended, but the summer heat hasn’t quite scorched the land yet. Doing the Epcot march isn’t torture during the Festival! You can lazily walk around the countries in shorts and not have to worry about getting burned alive (but bring the sunblock anyway-always!).

5. Food Booths: Need I say more?  These booths aren’t like those in the Food and Wine Festival, but still: food booths. Disney chefs bring in fresh and healthy meal alternatives to the Park. These booths try to put a delicious twist on eating right. Just like many other things in Epcot, Disney wants to teach their guests how to live more effectively and efficiently: meals are no exception. You gotta love eating your way around the world, and now you can do so guilt-free!

4. The Topiaries: The Flower and Garden Festival isn’t just a massive bunch of pretty pansies. The exquisite topiaries are extremely impressive. These are all over the place and are super fun. The topiaries are floral sculptures of all your favorite Disney characters, old and new. My personal favorites are Simba and Phineas and Ferb, but the display at the main entrance is always absolutely amazing. It’s great fun to wander around the Park and find all of the characters and see the unbelievable detail put into each and every one.

3. There’s Great Stuff for Kids: The Festivals tend to seem to be more of an adult commodity, but they can be really great for kids! Kids love to get down and dirty and the Flower and Garden Festival gladly lets them! They’ll be impressed with all of the cool facts and stuff to learn, too. Kids also really love the butterfly tent, which is a space completely dedicated to learning and hanging out with butterflies. Near the butterflies is usually Pixie Hollow, which is the adorable world of Tinker Bell and is so fun to explore! Disney also puts up some absolutely amazing playgrounds, so there is always something for the kids to be engaged in.

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2. You Learn a Ton: The Flower and Garden Festival isn’t just lots of pretty flowers to look at. There are so many opportunities around the festival to learn new things! There are always plaques and signs and little bits of information around the displays, but Disney also brings in designers and gardeners from HGTV to give lectures and demonstrations. It doesn’t scream in your face that the Festival is an educational experience, but Disney does subtle like no one else and makes sure that you leave the park knowing more than when you entered, all while having a great time.

1. It is Beautiful: You just can’t escape this one. Every inch of Epcot is stunning. The sheer magnitude of blossoms is enough to take your breath away. The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival is simply a sight to behold. Like everything else is Disney, the detail put into this festival is unbelievable. You almost can’t do the whole thing in one day. My family and I love the rides and pavilions in Epcot, but when the Festival is going on, we just like to wander. We love to examine the new topiaries, see if a butterfly will land on us, try a new healthy snack, chat with the afore mentioned artists…and the list goes on. The Flower and Garden Festival is such a breath of fresh air from the craziness of the season. So make sure to take a break and stop to smell the roses…they’re shaped like Mickey!

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