Victoria Falls Lounge Review

Victoria Falls Lounge Review

Animal Kingdom Lodge is the home of Disney’s wild side. It’s a place where guests are brought into the world of African culture and real life wild nature. Here, guests can see giraffes and zebras from their bedroom windows and watch with Disney’s night vision goggles as the natural landscapes shift with the coming of night. It’s wild in every way, which means you get to be just as wild, and what better place to unwind than Victoria Falls Lounge?

Victoria Falls Lounge is one unlike most others on Disney property. This is because it hangs between the lobby and the main dining floor, giving the feel of being suspended in the trees of Africa, gazing up at the canopy and down at the forest floor. Naturally lit at day by dazzling windows and lit with strikingly decorated mood lamps in the evening, you’ll always feel at peace in the natural brilliance of Victoria Falls. Not to mention the comfortable furniture on which guests can laze around with their drinks.

The first stop on the journey at Victoria Falls was on the beer menu, where a Moroccan beer called Casablanca caught this reviewer’s eye. Though simple in its brewing, this lager gave off some pleasant barley notes with a slightly biscuit-type aroma. While interesting, the cocktails here were the real treat and offered a far more thrilling experience.

While they say not to mix beer and LIQOUR, technically, the Victoria Falls Mist has tangerine, melon, and banana LIQUEUR. Blended beautifully with splashes of citrus and Sprite, the Victoria Falls Mist is an Animal Kingdom Lodge exclusive cocktail that is certainly as refreshing as the name suggests. And closing out the variety of delightful flavors was the famous row of Godiva shots that include three different flavors of Godiva chocolate liqueur, three strawberries, and three pipettes to complete one of the most fun mixology experiments ever: making your own strawberry shot glasses filled with Godiva chocolate liqueur.

In addition to these, the bar at Victoria Falls offers many resort specialty drinks such as the Habanero Lime Margarita, which has a sweet kick to it that keeps it both refreshing and light, and the ultimate African margarita, Mt. Kilimarita.

Needless to say, there is really no better place to pass the time or simply relax after the parks than Victoria Falls Lounge. From the beer to the dessert liqueurs, the bar is fully loaded with the finest alcohol on Disney property, and the cast members behind the counter know how to provide excellent service. Don’t spend your wait time hanging around the hostess stand. Enjoy passing the time at Victoria Falls Lounge.

Food: Whether you are interested in interesting and handcrafted beer, hard liquor, or sweet cocktails that pack a punch, Victoria Falls Lounge can fulfill most any request. There are even cocktails here that are unique to Animal Kingdom Lodge and offer flavors as exotic at Africa itself.

Atmosphere: Hanging midway between the lobby and the restaurants on the bottom floor, you’ll feel like you are up in the trees with the monkeys. While the people below munch away, you have a lovely view of the outside world and a sense of freedom while relaxing here. Also, the various African accents keep the vibe exotic and foreign.

Service: At Victoria Falls, the bartenders are not only skilled with a shaker, but provide quick service right to your table or lounge chair. That’s right. The bartenders actually step out from behind the bar! These are cast members who know their craft and it’s clear in their service.

Tips: While waiting for your reservation downstairs at one of the full service restaurants, grab a drink and relax. This is the perfect place to decide which park to hit tomorrow!

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