Top 6 Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom

One of the most frequently asked questions that guests have, while preparing for their Walt Disney World trip, is “Which Fast Passes should I book?” ItÂ’’s easy to get overwhelmed while trying to plan ahead for that perfect day. And, when your Fast Pass booking window becomes available, you certainly don’Â’t want to waste time trying to decide what your top picks should be. While itÂ’s true that Animal Kingdom offers less Fast Pass attractions than the other Walt Disney World parks, it is also true that you still want to use them wisely. Here are our picks for the Top 6 Fast Passes For Animal Kingdom.

6. Primeval Whirl

Many guests are unaware that this ride is actually two rides. ThatÂ’s right. Upon making your way past the entrance and moving up the ramp, a cast member will either direct you to the left or to the right. From there, you will wait in another line before actually boarding the ride. Both sides are identical in every way, giving you the same exact experience no matter which way you are directed. Why is this significant? Most days both sides are up and running. However, there are times when only one side is up and running. This could be for a number of reasons including maintenance, cast shortage, etc. Think you will be visiting on a slower day? You might be right. But, that also means that they may choose to only open one side that day. This makes the line go only half as quick as normal, which is why a fast pass is worth your consideration.

5. Adventurers Outpost

Every Walt Disney World theme park features a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie. However, not only are Mickey and Minnie dressed differently at each park, they are not always seen together. For example, when visiting the Magic Kingdom, Mickey makes an appearance at the Town Square Theater, but youÂ’ll have to visit Minnie separately at PeteÂ’s Silly Slideshow, where she shares the spotlight with Daisy Duck. At Animal Kingdom, you have the opportunity to meet with both Mickey and Minnie together in one location. In addition, they are both dressed in matching adventurer outfits complete with memorabilia from their world travels.

4. Finding Nemo – The Musical 

We normally donÂ’t recommend using FastPasses for shows. After all, you are all seeing the same show right? Some people will use a fast pass for a show for the purpose of guaranteed seating. While that is a valid reason, we are here to offer you a different perspective. On our most recent visit to Finding Nemo – The Musical, cast members opened the doors for both the fast pass and standby line at the same time. So, what is the advantage of having a fast pass then anyway? As the guests in the standby line were filtered into the theater, they were assigned to find a seat at the very top of the theatre all the way in the back corner. Meanwhile, those of us in the fast pass line were able to choose any seat we wanted. With four little ones with us, we headed all the way down front to secure seats close to the stage. While itÂ’s hard to find a bad seat in this theater, if you want to feel the action up close, book a fast pass!

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3. Festival of the Lion King

Arguably the most beloved show inside Animal Kingdom, the Festival of the Lion King is a must. Unlike Finding Nemo, Fast Pass guests are ushered into the theater before the standby line opens. As the show begins, one of the performers will choose a guest to help lead their section with their assigned animal sound. Many times children are chosen to help. Toward the end of the show, even more children are chosen to come down to march around the stage for one of the closing numbers. In all cases, guests are typically selected from the first few rows in each section. This means your fast pass will pay off by entering the theater early. We highly recommend using a fast pass on this attraction if you have younger children with you.

2. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest was the first true roller coaster to come to Animal Kingdom. This means unless you arrive at opening, or close down the park, Expedition Everest typically has long lines. After queueing through an elaborate asian village, you board a train heading for the top of Mt. Everest. Though the views are brief while ascending the mountain, they are breathtaking. If you request to sit in the front seat, be sure to look for other famous Disney landmarks at the top including: the big ball at Epcot and the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios! Reaching speeds of around 50 mph, Expedition Everest is the fastest and tallest ride at Animal Kingdom!

1. Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro Safari is Animal KingdomÂ’s signature park attraction. Rightly so, this 20 minute drive through attraction gives park guests the opportunity to see giraffes, elephants, zebras and much more in a remarkably realistic imitation of a real African safari. What makes this attraction so wonderful is that it is suitable for the entire family! However, because everyone in the family can ride at the same time, it also means the lines fill up quickly. In mid-2016, Disney began offering night time safari tours in addition to the day tours. While the night time tour provides a different atmosphere, we recommend doing the daytime version first. Our suggestion is to arrive at park opening and head straight to the entrance. Early in the morning the animals tend to be more active and you will not need a fast pass. However, if you arrive any later than this, a fast pass is a must, but definitely worth it!

Our list is complete for the Top 6 FastPasses at Animal Kingdom! Which fast pass attraction tops your list? Tell us your must do fast passes in the comments below!

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