Top 6 Attractions You Must Hit At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is both the newest and the largest. The park is home to many different exotic lands which aim to transport guests to different places in both location and imagination. Each land is filled with different attractions, entertainment, shopping, and dining for guests to enjoy. With so many different things to enjoy in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests might feel a little overwhelmed trying to decide which attractions are the absolute must dos and which might be saved for another visit. While every attraction in the park is enjoyable, there are some that are so thrilling or amazing that they simply can’t be skipped. Here are the top six attractions that guests must enjoy while spending time in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

6. Finding Nemo – The Musical

This fantastic live show in Disney’s Animal Kingdom brings a Pixar classic to life on stage. Finding Nemo – The Musical is performed in the Theater in the Wild and brings the story of Nemo’s adventure to life through larger than life puppets and musical numbers. With beloved characters like Dory, Crush, and Marlin brought to life in innovative and exciting ways, guests are sure to not want to miss a showing of Finding Nemo – The Musical. Just like The Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo – The Musical only runs several times each day, so guests should be sure to consult times guides for show times.

5. Festival of the Lion King

The village of Harambe is home to another amazing live show. One of the best in all of Walt Disney World. The Festival of the Lion King is housed in the Harambe Theater and invites guests to relive the Disney animated classic story of The Lion King. Guests sit in stadium style seating around a center stage where familiar characters and music bring the story to life. Different performers thrill the audience along the way with acrobatics, aerial ballet, fire dancing, and more. The Festival of the Lion King runs several times each day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so guests who don’t want to miss out should be sure to consult a times guide for show times.

4. Dinosaur

Guests who are looking for a thrilling journey through time should head over to Dinoland where everything is based in the past. The main attraction of the area is Dinosaur which brings guests into the Dino Institute where the technology to safely travel back to the time of the dinosaurs has been perfected. Guests are supposed to enjoy a quiet tour of an early period of the dinosaurs’ time, but instead find themselves dangerously close to the massive asteroid impact on a top secret mission. Dr. Grant Seeker asks guests to track down one particular dinosaur to bring him back to modern times leading to plenty of thrills and surprises along the way. No day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is complete without enjoying a ride on Dinosaur!



3. Kali River Rapids

Also found in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a thrilling and soaking attraction which brings guests on a thrilling and environmental-based adventure. Kali River Rapids has guests board family style rafts and set off on a journey down the Chakranadi River. What begins as a beautiful journey through the lush jungles soon takes a heavy turn as guests are exposed to the devastation of illegal logging and deforestation. With plenty of dips, drops, and splashes along the way, guests are sure to love the adventure of Kali River Rapids while appreciating the important message it shares about protecting the environment.

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2. Expedition Everest

The Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to one of the most thrilling attractions in the park. Expedition Everest is housed inside a massive mountain which can be seen from many different vantage points all over Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Guests who wait on the queue for the attraction pass through small temples and authentic artifacts before encountering a museum dedicated to the myth and legend of the fabled Yeti. The beast is the protector of the mountain and is rumored to be seen by those who travel too deeply inside. Guests soon find themselves on a serene tea train moving through the foothills of the mountains, but a portion of broken track leads them deep into the mountain where they scramble to escape the clutches of the Yeti. With plenty of big thrills and the amazing Yeti audio-animatronic, guests simply can’t miss a ride on Expedition Everest!



1. Kilimanjaro Safaris

One of the most popular attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be found in the Africa section of the park in the village of Harambe. Kilimanjaro Safaris invites guests into the Harambe Reserve where they board authentic safari vehicles and take off for a thrilling two week journey. Along the way, guests can enjoy up close and personal encounters with animals like lions, cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, flamingos, elephants, and more. With beautiful sights and amazing animals to observe, Kilimanjaro Safaris is one of the most unique attractions in all of Walt Disney World. Guests simply can’t miss this amazing experience since every visit is sure to be completely unique thanks to the free will of the animals.


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