Top 10 Things You’ll Love About Disney Springs At Walt Disney World

Disney Springs might not be on your “have to do – Disney list,” but if you have some extra time or need a break from the Parks, this is the place for you. Disney Springs is a huge addition to Walt Disney World that has some of the best restaurants and shopping in the country. Here are my top ten things I think you’ll love about Disney Springs:

10. Passholder Discount

Everybody loves discounts – especially Disney discounts. Well, if you visit Disney Springs as an Annual Passholder, you automatically receive a 10-25% discount on select restaurants and merchandise! There are even some discounts available on entertainment, like the movie theater! Whatever you use it on, it’s always super helpful to have a discount in a place like Disney Springs – it’ll come in handy!

9. Location

One unusual thing I really love about Disney Springs is that it’s separate from the Parks. You have to travel to get there. It’s like Disney Springs is its own little island. But you can still get there easily from multiple resorts, which makes it seem like a mini-getaway.

8. Transportation

And don’t worry about getting to Disney Springs. It’s easy to get to by car, and they have a ton of brand new, convenient parking. But there’s always Disney’s free bus transportation that makes regular visits to and from the resorts and Disney Springs. Or, if you want something a little more leisurely, check out the boat options from resorts like Port Orleans. It’s a beautiful boat ride that I love.


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7. Lots for All Ages

We’ve all heard the common argument that Disney is just for kids. We all know that that’s a blatant lie. But it’s even harder to debate in terms of Disney Springs. I would actually argue that Disney Springs is more for adults than kids. But between the varied shops and the wide range of entertainment options, there is something for absolutely every age.

6. The Balloon

Even if you don’t actually ride the Aerophile, it’s pretty stinking cool to look at. I love that you can see it from miles and miles away. If you do go on it, you get some absolutely breathtaking views of the Walt Disney World property. And if that’s not impressive enough, the balloon is actually the world’s largest hand-painted helium balloon! So cool!

5. Different Districts

I love how huge this place actually is. But Disney being Disney divided its Springs up beautifully, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming or overcrowded (well, maybe it sometimes does, but that’s just because so many people love it). Disney Springs is divided into four districts: West Side, The Landing, Town Center, and The Marketplace. Each district has its own vibe and purpose, and they’re all incredible.

4. Uniqueness

I love Disney Springs for how different it is. It’s so distinctive from the Parks, while still holding onto that Disney brilliance and charm. It’s unique. Honestly, it is largely non-Disney. Many stores and restaurants are not owned by the company. It has entertainment that never mentions Mickey once. But it’s still wonderful and you can still get swept up in it.

3. Entertainment

Basically whatever you’re in the mood for, Disney Springs will deliver. You could go bowling at Splitsville, shoot some hoops at the NBA Experience, catch a movie at AMC, rock out at House of Blues, play some virtual reality at The VOID, build a new world at the Lego store, go back in time at T-REX, and much, much more.

2. Restaurants

And, boy, do you have loads to choose from. Disney Springs has 52 restaurants on its grounds and they are all amazing. Ranging from dozens of different cultures and styles, there is food for everyone at Disney Springs. Asian if you’re feeling fancy, burgers if you want something familiar, Irish if you want some hearty comfort food. Heck, there’s even Starbucks if you’re desperate.

1. Shopping

Let’s just say your wallet will not go untouched and your arms will not leave Disney Springs empty. From clothes, to jewelry, to toys, to magic sets, you’re covered. Disney Springs has some high end shopping (and regular shopping, too, don’t worry). But my personal favorites are still Once Upon a Toy and World of Disney. World of Disney is MASSIVE and I have gotten lost in it before, but not unhappily. You’ll love it.

About Molly Elias

Molly Elias has been a dedicated Disney fan since she was 18-months old. She has grown up with and learned from Disney her whole life. As her family's main vacation spot, Disney World is a place of love and laughter and magic for her. Her family also prides themselves on their Disney Cruise Line knowledge and would rather be on the high seas with Mickey than anywhere else in the world. Molly plans to keep Disney in her life forever, while also pursuing a writing career. She recently completed a master's program in creative writing in the hopes that someday she will be able to be a writer for the Happiest Company on Earth. Molly keeps Walt's famous quote at the forefront of her life: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."