One of Disney’s Scariest Experiences Is Closing Indefinitely

When it comes to scary Disney rides, each fan has a different opinion. To some, a roller coaster ride with a big drop, such as Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, or Space Mountain, is the scariest ride at Disney.

Disneyland Paris Hyperspace Mountain

Credit: Disney

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To others, it’s a slow-moving scary ride like the Haunted Mansion or even “it’s a small world” (those dolls give some Guests the creeps, giving it a spot on the list of scary Disney rides).

Hollywood Studios’ Twilight Zone Tower of Terror gets a special mention for having both the elements of slow-moving ride and a roller coaster thrill ride all at once.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Credit: Disney

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But undeniably, one of the most frightening attractions on the list of scary Disney rides is La Tanière du Dragon (The Lair of the Dragon in English).

The Lair of the Dragon or the Dragon’s Lair (can be used interchangeably) can be found in Disneyland Paris beneath Sleeping Beauty Castle.

dragon's lair

Credit: Disney

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This walk-through attraction takes Guests into a spooky cave, with a fire-breathing animatronic as the finale. Guests marvel at this fearsome dragon as it guards its lair, and it’s easily one of the most frightening Disney attractions in the world (if not the scariest ride).

If you’ve never seen this incredible attraction, here’s an official video of the experience:

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But alas, the Lair of the Dragon will soon be closed off from Guests beginning on May 22, according to the Disney Park’s official website.

At this time, we have no idea when this attraction will reopen to Guests as no dates have been given, marking the Dragon’s Lair with one of the worst fates an attraction can experience: closed indefinitely.

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