Territory Lounge Review

Territory Lounge Review

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge embodies all things mountainous, forestry, and just plain wilderness. Not to be confused with its campground-based sibling, Fort Wilderness, the Wilderness Lodge is home to some of Disney’s best expedition-themed restaurants, lounges, and pools, not to mention some great lakefront views. While the atmosphere here is wild, the wining and dining will have you feeling like a mountain man (or mountain woman) in no time at all. One of the best places to get that feeling is Territory Lounge.

Lounges throughout Disney resorts are simple little areas where mommies, daddies, and grown up Mouseketeers can take a load off and enjoy a drink, a top notch snack, and the authentic atmosphere of their resort’s theme. Territory Lounge is no different. With pick axes, vintage rifles, classic orienteering equipment, and fur hats mounted in glass cases along the walls, we immediately felt the excitement of the adventure that was about to unfold. Indulging in a seat near a towering wooden carved bear, the atmosphere was completely appropriate for the resort and exactly what we had hoped it would be. But you never know what you are in for until you open the menu.

Our waitress came over with a smile on her face and presented two menus and a list of delicious sounding suggestions. In the end, we were particularly interested in crowd-pleasers and signature drinks, so we ordered the following:


  • Northwesten Exposure – Ketel One Vodka, Amaretto, Kahlua, and Cream with a splash of Coca-Cola. $8.25
  • Mousehead Lager – An American Pale Lager on tap with an ABV of 5% and a light malty flavor. $4
  • House-made Northwest Chips – Potato Chips with Trio of Dips: Smokey Blue, Truffle Aioli, and Huckleberry Honey. $8


Starting on a positive note, the Northwestern Exposure was an interesting concoction that left this reviewer’s mouth with an odd combination of creamy smoothness and bubbly tingles. Though the Coke seemed like a strange thing to add to vodka, amaretto, and Kahlua, it actually made for a delicious twist, proving that Disney drinks truly do contain magic.

Next was the Mousehead Lager, which didn’t impress. This was ordered out of sheer curiosity, and for the fact that it was a Wilderness Lodge-themed beer. If you are a lager-lover, you may enjoy it, but frankly, it came across as glorified, malty water. That being said, there are plenty of options to choose from in the way of beer, so it is certainly worth perusing the menu.

Finally, we dove into our basket of house-made chips and three dips that were equally sensational. The Smokey blue provided the perfect taste of cheese, while the truffle aioli left you with a heart-warming vision of poutine in the Canadian wilds. However, it was the Huckleberry honey that offered the most intrigues and delight as it brought forth sweetness as well as a sticky berry-like flavor uncommon among traditional honeys.

As they say in the wild, the journey is what you make it, and that’s certainly true for the Territory Lounge at the Wilderness Lodge. From the food to the drinks, we found plenty of things to rave about and even the things that turned us off only made us want to try more. Take some time out of your evening and let your journey take you to Territory Lounge.

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Food: From the dessert drinks to the beer on tap, you can’t go wrong at Territory Lounge. Many of the drink specials can be found at most other resorts, but there are a few specialties that only exist at the Wilderness Lodge. And don’t neglect the appetizer options. Some of the dishes will blow you away, even if they are appetizers.

Atmosphere: Dim lighting and a variety of pioneering equipment decorating the walls leave customers in the mood for adventure and relaxation all at once. Though the lounge itself is little more than an alcove in the main hall, it’s certainly outfitted for comfort as well as an air of wilderness exploration.

Service: The cast members here not only knew how to mix a drink, but they also provided table service, making the lounging experience twice as luxurious as your usual trip to the bar. Our bartender/waitress was able to suggest local as well as personal favorites.

Tips: This is an awesome place to watch any current sporting events as there are two TVs facilitating the many interests of guests in the lounge.  Grab an appetizer and a drink, and enjoy your game of choice.

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