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One Year Later: Ron DeSantis is STILL Fighting with Disney

desantis disney world changes

On the one-year anniversary of a milestone in his fight with Disney, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took to social media to mark the occasion, and this writer took a quick look at some of the major events and occurrences in this long saga over the last year. The feud between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company is ...

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Disney Series Gets Flack for Mistreating Trans Composer

deana kiner disney star wars

A recent Star Wars spinoff series on Disney+ has come under fire from audiences for mistreating a trans composer by “dead-naming” them. The Walt Disney Company has been criticized left, right, and center by audiences across the spectrum for its policies and representation (or lack thereof). Some have felt the company has become increasingly woke over the last few years and has ...

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Sells Off More Than 80% of His Stake in the Company

bob iger

CEO Bob Iger has sold more than 80% of his stake in The Walt Disney Company, leading many to wonder what he knows about Disney’s future that the rest of us don’t. A Massive Enterprise With Numerous Offerings The Walt Disney Company operates a global entertainment enterprise consisting of theme parks and resorts, resort hotels, television, film, and video streaming ...

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Disney Company Announces End of Fan-Favorite Offering After More Than 23 Years

disney movie club ending

Disney has announced its decision to end a fan-favorite offering, bidding a sad farewell after nearly a quarter of a century. Disney: The Every-Evolving Operation Over the course of The Walt Disney Company’s 100-year-long history, Disney’s way of doing things has continued to evolve with the times, with technology, and with park guests’ and fans’ wishes. Walt Disney, the genius ...

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Palestinian Sympathizers are Calling Supporters to Boycott the Next Massive Disney Movie

boycott disney marvel studios palestine

As war wages worldwide, we, in America, live in a secure Disney bubble, oblivious to when humankind and all of its terrible attributes clash with the mega-sized entertainment company. Often, we don’t realize that the “bubble” we consider to be a shield from the real world is infiltrated by external forces, creating plenty of backlash, a boycott or two, and ...

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Chapek Returns in a Bizarre Twist at The Walt Disney Company

mickey head

In a bizarre and unforeseen twist at The Walt Disney Company, Chapek has been reinstated to his former role, which he fulfilled for years until his contract was terminated. A Shocking Announcement  On Tuesday, news of former CEO Bob Chapek’s new role made headlines and served as one of the only mentions of the disgraced former Disney chief in the ...

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