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Mega Millions Winner Could Build a New Florida Theme Park

cinderella castle and cash

It’s something most kids enjoy (or at least I did). Building and opening your own theme park. And more than just a tiny carnival-type place in the middle of a parking lot. Something big – large enough to rival the best that Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando has to offer. Enter the Mega Millions Lottery The big ...

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Are Disney Bears Just Humans in Costumes? Viral Video Raises Questions

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger with "Spoiler Alert" symbol

It has recently been reported that a Chinese zoo is under allegations that it has a bear that is actually a human in disguise. RELATED: Viral Video: Disney World Guest Nearly Struck by Lightning The Viral Video Located in the Zhejiang province is the Hangzhou Zoo, where many Guests captured an interesting encounter with the bear in question. In a viral ...

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Guest Tries to “Catch” Cast Member Being Rude…Fails

Mickey and Donald fighting at Magic Kingdom

Cast Members who work for Walt Disney World Resort can have it challenging. Many are overworked and underpaid and have to deal with various complex problems, including hot weather, uncomfortable costumes, and having to break up fights between Guests. RELATED: Assault at EPCOT: Guest Arrested After Fight Sends Cast Member to the Hospital The Video However, sometimes Guests attempt to fight ...

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Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday….at Disney World

Harry Potter in front of Cinderella Castle

Harry Potter just had a birthday. On July 31, he turned 43 years old (the character, not the franchise). So what better way to celebrate the Boy Who Lived than a trip to Walt Disney World? RELATED:¬†Universal‚Äôs Harry Potter World Receives New Additions Some may say, “What!? Harry Potter World is at Universal Studios!” True. But let’s face it. No ...

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Disney’s Got 999 Problems But A Ghost’s Not One

Hatbox Ghost at Haunted Mansion

The Hatbox Ghost is an iconic and mysterious character that originated from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attractio. This spectral figure has fascinated park-goers since the attraction’s opening in 1969, sparking curiosity and intrigue among fans and enthusiasts. Disney Imagineers originally intended for this ghostly figure to be a prominent element within the Haunted Mansion. Still, due to technical limitations at the ...

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Disney Introduces Jared Leto Sipper Cup (Sort of…)

jared Leto with straw on head in front of Haunted Mansion logo

This weekend, the world will be introduced to the new movie Haunted Mansion (2023). The Disney film is based on the classic Disneyland Park attraction of the same name. RELATED: ShopDisney Is Celebrating 100 Days to Halloween With The Haunted Mansion The Haunted Mansion Attraction The attraction contains iconic Disney lines, audio-animatronics, and special effects, and decades later is still one ...

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Will French’s New Mustard Skittles Make Their Way To Casey’s Corner? We Hope So.

Could French's New Mustard Skittles Make Their Way To Casey's Corner?

Prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled culinary adventure with the imminent arrival of French’s new mustard Skittles candy. We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the ideal location for them at Walt Disney World. We can’t wait to share this delicious innovation with you! What’s More American Than Mustard, Hotdogs, Baseball, and Disney World? Casey’s Corner at ...

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The Correct Order To Visit Each Park On Your Disney World Vacation

The Correct Order To Visit Each Park On Your Disney World Vacation

A trip to Walt Disney World can be seriously overwhelming. Gone are the days of showing up, riding what you want, and eating whatever sounds good. Nowadays, there’s so much to consider. Dining reservations at hundreds of table service restaurants, Genie+, Individual Lightening Lanes, and transportation from MCO are all exacting considerations that can make or break your next Disney ...

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Blogger Visits All 12 Disney Parks in 3 Days

Lindsay Nemeth, Guinness World Record Holder eating ice cream in front of various Disney Park castles

Visiting every single Disney theme park on Earth? We’ve all thought about it. But one woman did it in just over three days. Who is she? Why’d she do it? And how did she do it? RELATED:¬†Disney World Turns Into Ghost Town, Crowds Hit Record Low Who? The woman is Lindsay Nemeth, a Disney super fan and travel blogger from ...

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks Dessert Parties at Walt Disney World

Happily Ever After Fireworks over Cinderella Castle

The Walt Disney World Resort has a world-renowned reputation in many areas: thrilling attractions, amazing storytelling, and, most notably, spectacular fireworks. The evening firework shows at Walt Disney World Parks go above and beyond fireworks elsewhere. The shows feature unique projections, beautiful music, enticing storytelling, and fantastic pyrotechnics. While the fireworks shows are incredible, the Park crowds can be overwhelming. ...

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