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Disneyland Paris Expands Pizzeria Bella Notte Adding Luca Theme

Luca Mural

Pizzeria Bella Notte in Disneyland Paris is breaking ground on an extension inspired by the 2021 Pixar film Luca. This expansion offers additional seating and will take over the neighboring Fantasia Gelati, which announced its closing on May 2, 2022. It is no surprise that the ice cream shop has met its end. Prior to its closing, Fantasia Gelati offered ...

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Disney’s Message Seems Clear: Annual Passholders NOT Welcome

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passholders hoping to hear news of Annual Pass  sales coming back were disappointed on Wednesday after the company’s quarterly earnings call. While no such announcement was made, hints were dropped about the program’s future. During the call, The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Entertainment division was the clear standout from the call. Disney World and Disneyland raked ...

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NEW Dance Party Shakes Things Up

Zom-beat bash

As Zombies 3 bops onto screens, Disney is celebrating in monstrous fashion with a brand new dance party: Zom-Beatz Bash! The new party, taking place at place at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney, will be family friendly. If you want to “do it like the zombies do” you’ll have to hurry, this party will only be around for a very ...

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Disneyland’s Instagram Account Hacked

Disneyland Instagram account hacked

In the early hours of the morning, Disneyland’s official Instagram account was hacked and several offensive posts were made before being hastily removed. The first post was made around 3:50 am when the hacker posted a photo of himself. The self-proclaimed “super hacker” who went by the name “David Do” and stated that he was out for revenge against Disneyland. ...

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Is Disney Enchant Magic Key Worth It? Here’s My Experience

Magic Key Cover

I’ve been an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World for years, and I’m very familiar with the ins and outs of the program, but the Disneyland Resort was always a totally different story. A few months ago, I started to plan a trip to Disneyland with my daughter, who is also my theme park buddy. We wanted to visit during ...

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My Goofy’s Kitchen Review

Recently my daughter and I headed across the country to spend a few days at the Disneyland Resort. It was our first trip back since the Parks reopened, and I decided that I wanted to do something special while we were there. We had three full days planned in the theme parks, but our trip was a week long, so ...

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Our Disney Genie+ Experience at Disneyland

Since its rollout in October at Walt Disney World, there have been too many complaints about Disney Genie+ to count. Guests are upset about having to pay for a service that used to be free, and for many of them, the perks don’t outweigh the cost. The same isn’t quite as true at Disneyland in California. Disney Genie+ became available ...

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“It’s insane”: Elderly Guest trampled at Disney Park; no apology, no attempt to check for injuries

Disneyland Forever Fireworks

The Disneyland Resort in California closed in response to the growing global coronavirus pandemic like every other Disney Park across the globe. And while some of the foreign Disney Parks like Disneyland Paris reopened to Guests only to close and reopen again, Disneyland in California stayed closed for more than a year. When the park reopened in April 2021, fans ...

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Character ‘sightings’ include Scrooge and the Ghost of Jacob Marley from ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol!’

Guests are getting an extra magical helping of Christmas spirit this year at Disneyland, thanks to some adorable new additions to character sightings during the Merriest Nites after-hours party. Scrooge and Jacob Marley (well, his ghost anyway) are appearing as part of the holiday festivities! RELATED: Mickey and Minnie get brand-new holiday outfits at Disneyland’s Merriest Nites Like other character-based ...

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