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Tempers Flare as Disney World’s Disability Changes Begin

Two women, one who is in a wheelchair, enjoy a Disney World water feature

Since April 9, Disney has been dealing with the fallout of the controversial changes made to its Disability Access Service (DAS) system at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. Since its inception, guests with a wide range of physical, medical, and cognitive disabilities have been able to use the DAS service and wait in a shorter line. Now, that has ...

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Disney Now Making Guests Agree Not to Sue

A child with Down syndrome joyfully interacts with a person in a Mickey Mouse costume on a colorful street. The child is wearing a red T-shirt and smiling broadly, creating a heartwarming scene in what appears to be a theme park. Disney Disability Pass

On April 9, Disney shocked and angered guests when it announced major changes to its Disability Access Service at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. For years, guests with nearly any kind of cognitive or medical disability could use the parks’ DAS program and wait in a shorter line. On that day in April, Disney said that beginning in ...

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Why Is Disney So Terrified of Following Universal?

Cinderella Castle Disney World and Hogwarts Castle Universal

For nearly twenty years, Walt Disney World Resort was the place to vacation in Central Florida. It was the reason most people visited the area in the first place. Then, in 1990, 19 years after the Magic Kingdom opened, Universal Studios Orlando opened just down the road. The new theme park gave guests another option for their Florida vacation. Nine ...

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Disney’s Own Greed Ruined Its Disability Program

Disney Genie Plus ruined the Disability Program

On April 9, Disney shocked and upset thousands of guests when they announced that big changes would be coming to its Disability Access Service (DAS) at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Disney’s DAS program allowed anyone with a disability to access the Lightning Lane for a shorter wait, except those who simply needed to use a wheelchair. ...

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Disney Makes HUGE Change To Its Disability Program

Disney changes Disability Pass Access System

One of the great things about visiting a place like Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort is how inclusive the theme parks are. Disney wants everyone to feel welcome regardless of things like age, gender, or any physical limitations a guest might have. Disney’s disability program is there to help guests who have trouble waiting in a traditional ride queue, ...

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The Battle For DAS Supremacy: Disney World vs. Universal

Disney vs Universal DAS pass

Each year, millions of people visit Walt Disney World Resort, and many of them head down the road and also visit the Universal Orlando Resort. Not everyone who visits the theme parks is able to wait in the lines, which can get incredibly busy during peak seasons. Because of this, both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer disability services. ...

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Disney’s Disability Pass: Everything You Need to Know!

Guide to Disney's Disability Program

One of the great things about Disney theme parks is that they are so inclusive. Everything from the rides and attractions to the food, merchandise, and more, Disney does its best to make sure no one feels left out. There are plenty of rides that have almost no size restrictions and, if you have special dietary needs, Disney chefs will ...

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