Confirmed: Disney Transforming Classic Attraction into ‘Scariest Thrill Ride in Resort’s History’

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Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney is making some bold changes to one of its most classic attractions.

While there’s no shortage of entertaining attractions at Disney’s theme parks, some have transcended “fun” and entered the pantheon of rides so iconic that they’re practically synonymous with the Disney experience.

A boat goes under the bridge in "it's a small world"

Credit: Disney

The likes of “it’s a small world,” Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and Pirates of the Caribbean have become such a major part of any Disney vacation that it’s near-impossible to imagine a visit without them – or to imagine a day where Disney ever closes them down for good.

Last year, however, Disney proved that it’s more than willing to axe famous attractions if it makes sense. As originally announced back in 2020, both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland said goodbye to their versions of Splash Mountain to make way for a new attraction inspired by The Princess and the Frog (2009).

Cartoon versions of Marvel characters, including Baby Groot, in a poster for a new version of "it's a small world."

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney also made waves earlier this year when it revealed that “it’s a small world” isn’t quite as untouchable as you may have believed. In April, it confirmed that Tokyo Disneyland’s version of the boat ride – which takes guests through rooms of dolls inspired by various cultures across the globe – will get a Marvel overlay in 2025, plus the (temporary) new name of “it’s a small world with Groot.”

One of the most shocking announcements, however, came with the revelation that Space Mountain will not only close at the same park, but will be demolished for good.

Space Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland, opening day original

Credit: Disney

As Disney announced last year, Tokyo Disneyland’s version of the iconic indoor roller coaster (which is arguably Disney’s most famous roller coaster) will permanently close in July to make way for a new, improved take on the concept, rumored to be called “Space Mountain: Earthrise.”

Concept art shows a futuristic new exterior for the attraction, which will more or less be located where its predecessor sat in Tomorrowland. As for the inside, however, Disney and Tokyo Disney Resort’s operator, The Oriental Land Company, remain tight-lipped about what to expect from Space Mountain 2.0.

Disney concept artwork for the new Space Mountain expansion coming to Tokyo Disneyland.

Credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

This week, however, images have emerged from the construction site at the Japanese theme park that seem to show sections of the attraction’s new track.

Judging by these images, Tokyo Disneyland’s new Space Mountain will be considerably more intense than the OG attraction. The track appears to feature a twist rotation, which, as X (formerly known as Twitter) user @WDW23_Studios points out, will make it the “scariest thrill ride in TDR history.”

New Space Mountain: Earthrise

This part doesn’t seem to be fixed yet. Judging from the position of the support, it looks like it’s a twist rotation when going up and down, but it could also be a horizontal twist rotation 🤔

This is the scariest thrill ride in TDR history.

As we can’t see the entire track just yet, there’s always a chance that may not be true. However, Walt Disney Imagineering Producer Kathleen Davis did previously tease that it is “a roller coaster with both thrill and heart.”

She added: “I’m thrilled to introduce this attraction to guests. It’s not only a whole new ride experience, but the story also has so much emotion. Through the queue and then on the ride, we see our connection to our planet and gain a new perspective for how special it is in all the universe.”

Crowds gather around Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: ARICAD via Wikimedia Commons

We’ll have to wait and see whether that thrill really outdoes that of Tower of Terror, Raging Spirits, and Journey to the Center of the Earth (all of which would currently be in the running for Tokyo Disney Resort’s scariest ride).

In the meantime, guests can currently gamble for a chance to bid adieu to the current Space Mountain on its final day of operation, thanks to Tokyo Disneyland’s new lottery system. Find out how to enter here.

What do you think is Disney’s scariest theme park attraction? Let us know in the comments!

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