Public Urination Incident Allegedly Shuts Down Popular Disney World Attraction

Disney Magic Kingdom
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A guest did the unthinkable at Walt Disney World, disturbing hundreds of other patrons while in line.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in progress

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is arguably the most popular and crowded attraction, not just at Magic Kingdom but in all of Walt Disney World. This whimsical roller coaster opened in 2014 along with Magic Kingdom’s “New Fantasyland” expansion project, which added several new rides, attractions, shows, and eateries for guests to enjoy.

However, the biggest part of this expansion was Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a brand-new roller coaster based on Disney’s iconic animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). The coaster offers guests an incredibly smooth, albeit incredibly short, experience as they travel around and through the gem mine.

Once inside, guests are greeted with a dazzling array of colors, with shiny gemstones illuminating the dark cave. As guests make their way toward the final drop, the seven dwarfs sing their iconic “Heigh Ho” song.

The entire experience is under three minutes in length, but this doesn’t stop the coaster from being an incredibly popular and sought-after attraction. However, this all changed for guests visiting Magic Kingdom over the weekend.

Snow White dancing with the seven dwarfs

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A recent post on Reddit, is gaining traction within the Walt Disney World community, with a guest sharing their rather troubling experience online. According to the guest, another person waiting in line urinated in a bottle and left it in the ride’s queue.

“Whoever peed in a bottle on 7 Dwarves Mine Train last night,” starts the post, “thanks for making the entire line smell and thanks for making those poor CMs clean it up.”

Due to the popularity of this roller coaster, guests will undoubtedly spend quite a while waiting in line. Newer rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, like Avatar – Flight of Passage feature bathrooms inside the actual line. However, Seven Drwafs Mine Train does not have a bathroom, meaning guests will need to use the restroom before entering the line, or hold it for at least an hour.

“You’re garbage,” continues the guest.

The post garnered intense reactions from other Walt Disney World fans, with some highlighting the fact other attractions feature a restroom.

“I wish they would put a bathroom in to queues at like the one hour wait point,” says one guest. ” I’m sure there’s a reason they don’t but it would just be convenient.”

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom.

Credit: Disney

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“That should be grounds for a permanent ban from the park. Especially when parents let it happen,” says another guest.

Another guest chimed in with their disgusting experience aboard Haunted Mansion, saying, “Last time I went to WDW outside Haunted Mansion, there was a massive pile of puke and human feces a few feet away.”

In-line accidents are somewhat common at Walt Disney World and theme parks in general, usually affecting younger children. As long as things are taken care of and cleaned up, no problems should arise.

However, deliberately urinating in a bottle and leaving it in line is an entirely different thing. Not only did a Walt Disney World cast member have to clean up the mess, but hundreds of guests had to walk by the bottle.

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