‘Incredibles 3’ Tabbed as the Next Big Disney Pixar Sequel

the Incredibles 2004 mr incredible violet dash helen disney pixar return to theaters

Toy Story (1995), A Bug’s Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters, Inc. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), The Incredibles (2004), Cars (2006), Ratatouille (2007), WALL-E (2008), Inside Out (2015), Finding Dory (2016), Coco (2017) are all some of the most beloved and popular Disney Pixar Films. Disney fans watch Disney Pixar films and Disney movies because it offers a unique ...

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Could Raising Disney+ Prices Impact Future Box Office Performance For The Walt Disney Company?

Could Raising Disney+ Prices Impact Future Box Office Performance For The Walt Disney Company

As you’ve probably read by now, beginning October 12, remaining Disney+ subscribers will see an increase in their monthly charge for ad-free service. Although the platform will remain stable with ads, Disney+ and Disney-owned Hulu will both see significant increases in cost as The Walt Disney Company has reported a $512 million loss in their streaming revenue during their third ...

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8 Odd Reasons to ALWAYS Bring a Toothbrush to Disney Parks

Mickey Mouse with Toothbrushes

It may be a Disney World tip you’ve never heard of. But the toothbrush can be a very powerful tool. In fact, it’s one item you should have on your list of theme Park necessities, along with sunscreen, water bottles, hand sanitizer, and a backup battery for your phone. Sound too crazy to be true? It’s not…it’s what they call ...

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Big Changes for Disney’s Skyliner Gondolas: Transformation Begins on ‘Latin Heritage’ Themed Remodel

Skyliner construction

A massive change is hitting one of Disney’s most iconic attractions. Walt Disney World Resort never ceases to amaze its Guests, and one of the most incredible additions to this world-renowned theme Park is Disney’s Skyliner Gondolas. This mode of transportation not only provides a unique and enchanting way to travel but also offers breathtaking views of the Resort’s sprawling ...

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Disney World Shares a Brand-New View of “Moana” Attraction at EPCOT

moana journey of water attraction construction epcot te fiti te ka disney

Disney World has just unveiled a new part of EPCOT’s new Moana-themed attraction, as well as new elements from the new experience, scheduled to open later this year. Disney’s Imagineers have been hard at work just inside the gates at Disney World’s second park, where they’re creating a brand-new experience for Guests, using Disney magic to bring to life one of ...

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Disney World Permanently Removes Original “Little Mermaid” Experience, Replaces It With Live-Action Version

little mermaid, ariel looking sad, live action and original

The original 1989 version of The Little Mermaid isn’t just an absolute classic Disney film, it’s actually a cultural touchstone, both for the Walt Disney Company and for the culture at large. For starters, the original Little Mermaid film kicked off the Disney Renaissance as we know it, while simultaneously revitalizing the world’s interest in Disney Princess movies and musical ...

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Guest in Viral Video Shows How to Sneak Prohibited Items Into Disney

Guest in Viral Video Show How to Sneak Prohibited Items Into Disney

This should go without saying, but DON’T DO THIS! Disney’s list of prohibited items exists for a reason, and ALL Disneyland or Walt Disney World Guests should follow the rules! However, there are always those who want to tempt fate by pushing the limits and attempting to find ways to work around Disney’s security. For whatever reason, some Guests need to ...

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