Controversial ‘Johnny Depp’ Series Debuts at No.1 on Netflix; What This Means for The Ex-Disney Star

pirates of the Caribbean film captain jack sparrow johnny depp Disneyland paris ride

Unfortunately, it’s not hard for actor Johnny Depp to find his name swept up in another controversy. Johnny Depp, known for his roles in iconic films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissorhands, found himself embroiled in a legal battle last year against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The couple’s tumultuous relationship quickly turned into a courtroom drama that ...

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Is Disney Ready for Another Website Crash?

Disneyland Castle distorted

The Walt Disney World Resort website crashed earlier this year due to overwhelming demand. As soon as dates became available for purchasing and planning 2024 vacations, the Disney website experienced higher-than-expected traffic, sending guests into virtual queues as they attempted to book. RELATED: Disney Website Crash Leads to Barren Park Day Disneyland Resort Vacations A similar situation happened when Disney released ...

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Magic Kingdom’s Beloved Liberty Square Attraction Closing Soon

fantasyland cinderella castle

When it comes to Walt Disney World, everybody knows that the most classic attractions will be found in none other than Magic Kingdom. READ MORE: Liberty Square Market at Walt Disney World Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise – Magic Kingdom Has It All! Aptly named, Magic Kingdom is home to only the most classic and quintessential Disney rides. Attractions and experiences such ...

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Dwayne Johnson Abandons $86 Million Film in Surprise Move

dwayne johnson during a talk show

Dwayne Johnson, commonly known by his ring name “The Rock,” is a multifaceted personality who has left an indelible mark on professional wrestling, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Before Dwayne Johnson achieved fame in professional wrestling, Dwayne Johnson’s initial foray into the spotlight was as a college football player. He played for the University of Miami’s national championship team in 1991, but ...

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Upcoming ‘Frozen’ Sequel Will Make History, Unlike Anything Disney Has Ever Released Before

Queen Elsa (left), Anna (middle), Sven the Reindeer (middle), Kristoff (right)

Can you believe it’s almost been ten whole years since the original Frozen (2013) film came out? It’s true! Come this November, Frozen will turn 10 years old, and the ‘Frozen Fever’ is still going strong. READ MORE: Idina Menzel says she’s happy to play Queen Elsa again in “Frozen 3” The original Frozen film took the world by storm, earning ...

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The Trouble With Tron at Disney World

tron lightcycle run

For theme park enthusiasts, there is nothing more exciting than a new attraction at Walt Disney World Resort. With iconic classics such as Space Mountain or rides tied to popular intellectual properties like Star Wars and Marvel movies, it is the best place in the world to experience new and innovative thrills and attractions. Even basic rides at Magic Kingdom ...

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Disney’s New Orleans Square is No More

New Orleans Square

Both Disney World and Disneyland have Tiana-mania. The American Disney Princess is making headlines left and right with new experiences at Disney Parks. One park, in particular, is experiencing a complete Tiana invasion! Disneyland, which is the perfect park for Tiana, is expected to host not one but three Tiana-themed experiences in or near New Orleans Square!  Speaking of New ...

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Disney Attraction Turned Into Toilet? Parents Encourage Toddler to Relieve Themselves on Classic Ride

it's a small world disneyland

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort alike are two of the biggest vacation destinations in the world, and people from all over the world come to visit. People from all walks of life come to visit the Most Magical Place on Earth and the Happiest Place on Earth. READ MORE: Inconsiderate and Entitled Disney Guest Behavior Has Reached a New Level ...

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Universal Orlando Experiences Major Outage, New Attraction Affected


Universal Orlando is a premier entertainment destination located in Orlando, Florida, known for its immersive theme parks, thrilling attractions, and captivating entertainment experiences. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, attracting millions of visitors worldwide each year. Universal Destinations & Experiences also operate Universal Studios Hollywood in California, which includes SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and there ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio Once Turned Down a Role Alongside Bette Midler in a Disney Classic

Leonardo Dicaprio Once Turned Down a Role Alongside Bette Midler in a Repopularized Disney Classic

Alongside notable names like Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr, and Dwayne Johnson, actor Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the foremost names in Hollywood. Although the famed actor has received only one Academy Award for his work in The Revenant (2015), DiCaprio has graced screens since Critters 3 (1991). The 48-year-old has given unforgettable performances in a vast array of work, including What’s ...

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