Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian

Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian


After stepping off of the monorail, my family and I took a short walk through the gorgeous Grand Floridian Hotel and its grounds before finally arriving at Narcoossee’s.  We had been looking forward to this dinner all week and were very excited to see what this signature restaurant had in store.

Located on a small pier over the Seven Seas Lagoon, Narcoossee’s is a hidden gem in Walt Disney World.  The restaurant is an octagonal building with a New England décor.  The warm atmosphere of the seaside décor makes you feel as if you are at your favorite seafood restaurant.  The friendly staff makes you feel as if you have been invited to a friend’s house for an elegant meal.

Upon entering Narcoossee’s, you are greeted by the host or hostess on your right and the exciting show kitchen to your left.  While waiting for your table, the chefs in the kitchen are more than happy to engage in a conversation with you, answer any questions you may have, or offer suggestions for your upcoming meal.  However, if your wait is a little longer than expected, be sure to visit the sunken bar in the center of the restaurant for a pre-dinner beer, glass of wine, or cocktail.

As Narcoossee’s is a prime viewing spot to take in Wishes, the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks show, be sure to ask for a table near the windows.  However, do not be alarmed if one is unavailable.  You most likely will still be able to see the show from your table.  You are also welcomed to view the fireworks from the outside deck surrounding the restaurant.  If you choose to hear outside, the kitchen will hold your meal until the show has ended and you have returned to your table.


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Speaking of meals, it’s time to focus on the food.  Once you are seated, and drinks have been ordered, your server will bring you one of the best bread baskets on property.  Our server brought us a whole loaf of warm, straight-out-of-the-oven bread to enjoy while we were waiting on our entrées.  The chewy, white bread was accompanied by a square of unsalted butter topped with large sea salt crystals.  This is how the butter is served at most of the signature restaurants on property and it is just divine.

The menu at Narcoossee’s is seafood oriented with a few alternative selections, such as pasta and chicken.  My two dining companions managed to each select a steak from the menu so don’t be afraid to visit due to your aversion to seafood.

Here’s a tip for those of you dining on the Disney Dining Plan – you can order any steak off of the menu AND add a lobster tail to your entrée.  While this dinner will cost you two meal credits per person on the Disney Dining Plan, this is all included in your meal and you won’t be charged extra.

I had the two pound lobster dinner and I had no regrets about my decision.  The lobster came out beautifully plated and practically cleaned for me.  The sweet lobster meat was flavorful enough that I almost didn’t need to dip it in the cup of melted butter! (Emphasis on almost.  I never pass up the opportunity where it is socially acceptable to dip my food into more butter.)  According to the menu, my lobster was to come with creamed spinach.  However, the server was nice enough to ask the kitchen to swap it out for an order of Narcoossee’s famous mashed potatoes, which they obliged at no extra charge.  The mashed potatoes were just that – mashed potatoes.  While creamy, and slightly cheesy with a hint of cheddar, the potatoes definitely took a back seat to the succulent lobster.

My husband went all out and ordered the 14 ounce boneless rib-eye WITH a lobster tail.  I don’t eat red meat so I did not taste the meat.  He did say the steak was perfectly cooked medium-rare as he requested.  The accompanying twice baked potatoes were baked well with just the right amount of crispiness to the top of the potato.  Also, the broccoli was crisp and flavorful; not limp like some green vegetables are by the time they make it to the table.  My mother selected the filet mignon.  She said this steak was so tender she could practically cut it without a knife.  Her roasted potatoes were fork-tender and went perfectly with the red wine reduction.  Both of my dining companions enjoyed the lobster tail.  The tails were quite large and filled with the same sweet, buttery, melt-in-your-mount flavor as my entrée.

For dessert, my husband and I each chose the baked chocolate mousse with bourbon caramel sauce.  The presentation was nice.  The chocolaty mousse was served in a warm bowl.  The buttery caramel sauce was served in a separate small pitcher so you could add as little or as much as you pleased.  The bourbon in the sauce was not overpowering, but added just the right amount of kick to a dessert that could have otherwise been easily overlooked.  The top of the mousse was crusty, like a cake, but once you dipped in your spoon you were rewarded with something of a thick, chocolate pudding.  This is definitely a dessert for a chocaholic, but if chocolate isn’t your favorite, then go ahead a choose something else.

A lover of all fruit-filled desserts, my mother had the angel cake.  The cake was light and fluffy and not too sweet.  We were returned to the height of summer with the plump strawberries and sweet strawberry sauce.  I would have to say the “icing” on this cake was the vanilla cream sauce.  This sauce had a strong vanilla bean flavor that went perfectly with the sweet strawberry sauce.

Overall, Narcoossee’s was a pleasant dining experience.  As with most signature dining restaurants, you always wonder if a meal is worth the money or the necessary two dining credits from the Disney Dining Plan.  I would say that because of the option to add the lobster tail, financially this meal is worth it on the Disney Dining Plan.  I also believe it is a nice restaurant that comes with great food, great atmosphere and great views.

FAST Review

Food – While the menu at Narcoossee’s is largely seafood oriented, other options are available.  The steak options are some of the best on all of Walt Disney World property.  Be sure to consider the two pound lobster dinner. It’s amazing!

Atmosphere – This is a fancy, yet comfortable restaurant.  The room feels like your favorite coastal seafood joint.  The large, two-story mural behind the bar is a sight to behold and is a really wonderful focal point of the restaurant.

Service – Unfortunately, the service we received was not worthy of the tip we left.  We were left with empty water glasses for the majority of our meal.  Luckily there were no problems with our food as we finished our meal without our server even coming to check on how we were doing.  Maybe we just had a bad server, but the service was not what one would expect from a signature dining experience at the Grand Floridian Hotel.

Tips – If you can wait, schedule your Advanced Dining Reservation for around 8 or 8:30 in the evening.  This will allow you to avoid the dinner rush and be far enough into your meal service to have the opportunity to view Wishes from across the Seven Seas Lagoon.  Be sure to ask for a table by the window so you can enjoy the water view and have one of the best seats in the restaurant.

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