Magic Kingdom & The Myth – “A Park For Children Only” at Walt Disney World

When anyone imagines Walt Disney World, immediate images of the Magic Kingdom come to mind as it is one of the most classic experiences and locations that any guest can have while on vacation. The park has been amazing guests since the Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971 and is filled with different themed lands that bring adventures, imagination, and more to life through attractions, entertainment, dining, and shopping. While the Magic Kingdom is definitely a family friendly park, there are so many guests who automatically consider it to only be for children or those traveling with children. This is far from the truth as the Magic Kingdom is actually home to some amazing experiences for adults that are considered to be must-dos while spending time in Walt Disney World. From thrilling attractions to indulgent meals and more, the Magic Kingdom has plenty of offer adult guests enjoying a Walt Disney World vacation.

1. Space Mountain

One of the most thrilling attractions in the Magic Kingdom is geared towards rocketing guests of a certain height into the darkness of space. Space Mountain is a favorite of adult guests as it combines near darkness and high speeds to launch guests into unknown corners of the galaxy on an out of this world experience. With futuristic touches and the disorienting sense of not knowing which twist or turn is coming next, Space Mountain is a must do.

2. Splash Mountain

Another thrilling attraction can be found in Frontierland and invites guests to set off on an adventure with the loveable Br’er Rabbit. Splash Mountain is a water-based attraction and guests ride along in logs that guarantee that they are going to get at least a little wet. With several drops including a steep one into the Briar Patch, catchy songs, and lots of audio-animatronics, Splash Mountain is a favorite of many adult guests who love to ride time and time again.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Also found in Frontierland is another attraction that adult guests love to enjoy while spending time in the Magic Kingdom. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad brings a mining town to life as guests whip around the mountain on a runaway mining train. With twists and turns through the town itself, caves, and more, this attraction offers up an unforgettable experience that only those of a certain height can enjoy.

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4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

While Fantasyland might seem like the epicenter of attractions and experiences for younger guests, there is also a thrilling attraction in the heart of the area that adult guests love. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train straps guests into innovative mine carts that sway from side to side as they careen through the mountain and into the mines where the Dwarfs can be found digging away. With lots of twists and turns, one steep drop, and absolutely amazing audio-animatronics, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a must do for adults in the park.

5. Be Our Guest Restaurant

Also found in Fantasyland is a dining location that brings the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast to life, but also serves up amazing French cuisine. Be Our Guest Restaurant is open daily lunch and dinner.  Adult guests will love that the French cuisine is perfectly paired with cocktails and a wonderful wine list. Try the grey stuff!

6. Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Another dining location in the Magic Kingdom that adult guests absolutely love can be found in Adventureland. The Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen is operated by the skippers from the nearby Jungle Cruise and serves up exotic cuisine from around the world daily for lunch and dinner. Guests are sure to love indulgent menu items such as Falls Family Falafel, Curried Vegetable Crew Stew, Sustainable Fish, Whole Fried Fish, Perkins Thai Noodles, Sankuru Sadie’s Seafood Stew, and Baa Baa Berber Lamb Chops.

7. Jungle Cruise

Adult guests will also love to enjoy a ride on the Jungle Cruise which brings them on an exotic trip down some of the most remote and adventurous rivers in the world. While the experience is family-friendly, adults will certainly enjoy the corny and groan worthy jokes of the skippers which are the highlight of the entire experience! The Jungle Cruise will definitely leave guests chucking long after leaving!

8. Haunted Mansion

Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom is home to the beloved Haunted Mansion which is technically a family-friendly attraction, but is especially beloved by adults. The experience itself is amazing no matter what, however it is the incredible details and small theming elements that make the attraction so immersive and beloved. Adult guests can pick up on these subtleties and really become engaged in the story behind the attraction, making the Haunted Mansion a must do.

9. Hall of Presidents

Also found in Liberty Square is an attraction that adult guests are sure to love. The Hall of Presidents might be considered boring by younger guests, however adults can truly appreciate the amazing story of the Presidential Office. The attraction features historic memorabilia and items in the lobby before sharing the history of the Presidency through an immersive show that ends with an unveiling of every individual who has held the office.

10. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Another attraction in the Magic Kingdom that adult guests will certainly appreciate and love can be found in Tomorrowland. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress follows one family throughout a century and demonstrates how progress and new inventions continue to improve their lives. Adult guests will certainly appreciate seeing the improvements and thinking about how they have impacted their own lives along with laughing at the marvels of years gone by that are now archaic.

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a child and has developed a deep love and appreciation of the Disney Parks with a particular interest in the small details and history that can be found all around. Visiting every chance she gets, Caitlin loves to enjoy the ambiance of the Disney Parks and try something new every time. She can often be found eating and drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, riding the Haunted Mansion, sipping on a Lapu Lapu, pretending Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was still in existence, and enjoying seeing the magic through the eyes of her children. When not in WDW, Caitlin can be found at home in New York dreaming of a ride on Living with the Land and counting down the days until her next trip.