Foodie’s Guide to the Magic Kingdom

Dole Whip
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney World Resort is home to some iconic dining options and snacks that Guests simply have to enjoy on each visit. The Magic Kingdom in particular has its fair share of foodie items that are considered to be must-haves that are savory, sweet, and everything in between. Guests who are looking to enjoy the ultimate foodie’s day in the Magic Kingdom should plan out their meals and snacks ahead of time and be sure to try each and every one of these delicious items!

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Casey's Corner

Credit: Disney

Casey’s Corner – Corn Dog Nuggets

A popular quick-service location in the Magic Kingdom can be found on the very end of Main Street, U.S.A., welcoming Guests to enjoy lunch and dinner each day with beautiful views of Cinderella Castle. Casey’s Corner features the charm and spirit of vintage baseball and serves up an array of hot dog creations that are truly mouthwatering.

Corn Dog Nuggets

Credit: disneytipsandtripreports.com

While there are plenty of delicious options on the menu at Casey’s Corner, there is one item in particular that has achieved a large following. The Corn Dog Nuggets are bite-sized, perfectly fried pieces of corn dog, served up in a small basket with the choice of either French fries or a Cuties Mandarin. Each bite is juicy, has the perfect amount of fried shell, and are taken to the next level in flavor when dipped in Casey’s Corner’s ooey-gooey Cheese Sauce.

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Liberty Square Market

Credit: Disney

Liberty Square Market – Turkey Leg

Liberty Square is home to several popular experiences, including The Hall of Presidents and the beloved Haunted Mansion, but there is also a small grab-and-go dining location where Guests can pick up an iconic snack. The Liberty Square Market is an open-air dining option where Guests grab healthy and hearty snacks throughout the day, just across from The Hall of Presidents.

Turkey Leg

Credit: DisneyDining.com

Liberty Square Market mainly sells fresh fruit and prepackaged snacks like trail mix and chips. However, there is one hot option served after eleven each morning. Guests have made the Turkey Leg an iconic snack at the Walt Disney World Resort, and this juicy and massive savory treat is big enough to share between several Guests and features a perfectly cooked interior with crispy skin on the outside. Turkey Legs are also great snacks to enjoy on the go while Guests check out all that makes Liberty Square so wonderful.

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Aloha Isle

Credit: DisneyDining.com

Aloha Isle – Dole Whip

The Magic Kingdom is also home to one of the most iconic snacks to have ever been served at the Walt Disney World Resort that has been pleasing Guests for years — the Dole Whip. Aloha Isle in Adventureland is a quick-service location just over the main bridge into the area from Main Street, U.S.A. that serves up a selection of cold and refreshing treats in a tropical setting.

Dole Whip

Credit: Disney

The iconic and beloved Dole Whip can be found in several locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, but the original spot to find one is Aloha Isle. Guests can enjoy a classic Dole Whip with pineapple, vanilla variation, or a swirl of both flavors and the Pineapple Float which combines any of those options with fresh Dole Pineapple Juice.

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Be Our Guest

Credit: Disney

Be Our Guest Restaurant – Grey Stuff

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved Disney animated films of all time, and the Magic Kingdom is home to a very popular table service restaurant that invites Guests to step into the film. Be Our Guest Restaurant brings Guests into the Beast’s castle where they can dine in memorable locations on authentic French cuisine, including a dessert that gained fame from the film itself.

The Grey Stuff

Credit: TouringPlans.com

In the “Be Our Guest” number, Lumiere croons about how Belle should try the Grey Stuff because it is so delicious, and Be Our Guest Restaurant offers Guests the chance to do the same for both lunch and dinner. With a prix-fixe menu, dessert includes a trio of items including the Chocolate Tart, which is topped with the classic Grey Stuff. This creamy and rich frosting has a chocolate undertone and is a favorite of any Guest who tries it!

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Sleepy Hollow

Credit: Disney

Sleepy Hollow – Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

An indulgent snack item that is large enough to really be considered a full meal can be found at a popular quick service location in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. Sleepy Hollow pays homage to Ichabod Crane and is housed inside a colonial brick building where Guests can order up an array of options to then enjoy on an open-air patio overlooking Cinderella Castle.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Credit: Disney

Sleepy Hollow is most well-known for its fresh and delicious waffles, which are made to order and served up in several variations that Guests are sure to love. True foodies are sure to go for the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich which is served hot each morning for breakfast and topped with chocolate-hazelnut spread, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries for the perfect combination of sweet and savory each morning.

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Spring Rolls Cart

Credit: couponingindisney.com

Spring Rolls Cart – Spring Rolls

A relatively new snack that has quickly gained popularity with Guests and secured its place on the iconic foods list for the Magic Kingdom can be found right near the entrance into Adventureland. The Spring Rolls Cart is a brightly colored standalone art that can typically be spotted thanks to the long lines it frequently has.

Credit: Honestly Mummy

Guests who stop by the Springs Rolls Cart can choose between two options, which sometimes rotate specialty flavors and ingredients. The usual two choices typically served at the Spring Rolls Cart are Pepperoni Spring Rolls and Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, which are both packed with flavor and a decent amount of filling and served inside of a perfectly crispy shell. Regardless of what flavor is currently being offered, any option from the Spring Roll Cart is a must-have while in the Magic Kingdom.

Exterior of Gaston's Tavern

Credit: Disney

Gaston’s Tavern – Warm Cinnamon Roll

One corner of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom recreates Belle’s village from Beauty and the Beast, including an iconic hangout of everyone’s favorite villain. Gaston’s Tavern is a quick-service location where Guests can check out Gaston’s liberal use of antlers as décor and enjoy several small bites and snacks throughout each day.

Cinnamon Roll at Gaston's Tavern

Credit: Disney

The most popular item on the menu at Gaston’s Tavern is the Warm Cinnamon Roll, which is a massive helping of the delicious snack that is served warm with ribbons of cinnamon in the middle and moist bread. Foodies who are looking to take the Warm Cinnamon Roll to the next level should ask for extra icing on the side and pair it with LeFou’s Brew, a sweet beverage with frozen apple juice, notes of toasted marshmallow, and a passion fruit-mango foam.

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