First Things We Do When Arriving at Our Walt Disney World Resort

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It is super exciting when you first get in when traveling to Walt Disney World. Your whole vacation is still ahead of you and what you’ve been planning and dreaming for so long is about to come true. If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel you will want to see your gorgeous accommodations right away. Here are the first things that you might do when arriving at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel.


1. Online Check In

You’re able to check in right from the My Disney Experience App on your phone weeks in advance. Once your room is ready they will give you your room number on the app and you can just head straight there. You don’t have to stop in the lobby! If you’ve already ordered your MagicBands and they’ve been sent to your house you’re all set. If not, you can pick up your MagicBands at the front desk. There are still Cast Members all around to answer any questions that you may have.

2. Take a Picture of Your Room Number

This is a good trick because you’ll have so many things you’re thinking about and trying to remember, your room number shouldn’t be one of them. Just take a quick photo of the room number or even a screenshot from your app so you’re not wandering around, not knowing which way to go. The resorts are big and it’s very easy to get lost. You’ll have your room number in the My Disney Experience App, but that sometimes can be glitchy, so it’s good to have a backup.

3. Take Pictures of the Resort

Each Walt Disney World resort is different and has so much to offer. From the lobby to the pool there is plenty to see at the resort alone. Make sure to have your phones out and ready, because you will want to be snapping many photos as you walk around. It’s also a good idea to get pictures of your room right as you walk in while it’s still neat and tidy in there.

Disney’s Art of Animation

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4. Check the Bus Schedule

If you were going to be using Walt Disney World transportation make sure to check the bus schedule so you know what buses will arrive and what time. You’re able to use Walt Disney World’s bus service to get all around Walt Disney World resort and it’s all free. You’ll also want to know what time the first and last buses of the day run, just to be on the safe side. Knowing ahead of time will take the stress out of figuring out how you’re going to get where.

5. Check Out the Restaurants

Each Walt Disney World resort has amazing dining options. The higher the classification of resort, the more dining choices you will have. Make sure to check out the full service restaurants and grab a reservation ahead of time so you’re guaranteed a table. For meals that are more on-the-go there are quick service restaurants as well. For the time being they’re recommending you use Mobile Ordering for quick service, so just order through the My Disney Experience App and you’re all set.

6. Gift Shops

All the Walt Disney World Resorts have gift shops as well. Some resorts even have merchandise specific for that resort. It’s a great way to bring home a piece of your vacation and walk around your hometown, showing the world that you had a great time on your vacation. It really does become a conversation starter when others can reminisce about their Walt Disney World vacations as well.

7. View From Your Room

There are many gorgeous views that you can get from your room at Walt Disney World. That view is going to be part of your whole vacation, you’ll want to know what it is! Depending on the resort, waking up and sitting out on your balcony is a very nice and relaxing way to start your morning. After a long day at the parks you can wind down by checking out the scenic view. Some views are better than others, and not every view is magical. Still, it’s nice to be able to look off in the distance to see what you can see. When you book your room, you can usually pay for a better view. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your room, it might be worth the cost.

8. Hit the Pool

While some families like to visit a theme park as soon as they possibly can, there is something else that is a fun way to spend your first few hours at Walt Disney World. All of the resorts have pools that match the theme of that resort. Even if your room isn’t ready when you arrive you will still be able to take advantage of the pool. There’s something special about putting that bathing suit on for the first time. It will help you to realize that your vacation has officially started.

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