Frustrated Fans Call Out Disney for MLM Team Up

A colorful statue of a whimsical, cartoonish lion dressed in a playful outfit, perched atop a decorative ledge in a lively Disney amusement park setting.
Credit: Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean water, Rome burning. To some people, those phrases mean absolutely nothing. But to a Disney fan, those scents will transport you right to the theme parks. The smells of Disney are something magical that no other theme park has been able to recreate in its own way.

Scents like the ones we mentioned above are so iconic that Disney fans have gone to great lengths to try to replicate them for things like candles.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Credit: Disney

Back in July, Disney announced that it was taking its scents to a brand-new — and interactive — level. The company was teaming up with Scentsy to create “Smellephants on Parade,” which would debut in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park.

While Disney was really excited to announce the team-up, many fans were less than thrilled. They quickly took to social media to call out Disney for teaming up with an MLM, also known as a multi-level marketing company. A lot of people consider MLMs to be pyramid schemes, and didn’t like that Disney was promoting such a controversial practice.

A colorful statue of a cartoonish elephant, playfully posed on its hind legs, stands in front of a vibrant circus-themed backdrop with red and blue striped tents and festive banners.

Credit: Disney

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Disney didn’t let the critics stop them, and on May 2, Smellephants on Parade officially debuted at the Magic Kingdom.

However, fans did not forget about the controversy surrounding Scentsy, and the debate about the collaboration reignited.

For real. I hate the idea altogether (a lot of the resort scents and scents on rides make me sick), but even if it were an idea I liked, I’d still be mad Disney brought MLM into their parks.

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Scentsy has actually been the “Official Home Fragrance” of Disney World for years, but that doesn’t mean that guests are happy about it.

I have to go visit this monstrosity.

MLM companies promise their new prospects the American Dream of being self made by running a business but it’s more cunning than that and corners you into alienating friends and family for success.

I don’t get Disney’s commitment to them.

Smellephants on Parade is a scavenger hunt where guests are tasked with finding eight “smellephants” located throughout Storybook Circus in Fantasyland. Guests will receive a map and stickers to match the scents with their locations. The eight scents are cotton candy, popcorn, pink lemonade, snow cone, churro, bubble gum, candy apple, and corn dog.

The scavenger hunt is free to all guests, but there are no prizes at the end.

Do you like Disney’s collaboration with Scentsy? Do you think they should end it? Let us know in the comments!

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