Everything Pop Shopping and Dining Review

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Everything Pop Shopping and Dining Review

Around the corner from the Wide World of Sports, Disney’s Pop Century Resort stands in radiant (and retro) colors, proudly representing the fades and fashions of decades passed. From the jukeboxes of the 1950s to the Tamagotchis of the 90s, Pop Century celebrates everyone’s favorite toys, music, catchphrases, and fashions from what is arguably the best years of the 20th century. And with everything in the resort being so very “pop”, it only makes sense that dinner should be at Everything Pop Shopping and Dining.

Though there isn’t exactly a menu for each decade the resort celebrates (after all, how different would they be?), Everything Pop is still the hippest place at the resort to grab some grub and party like it’s 1999.  With plenty of space to roam around and get picky with your selections, this cafeteria-style joint offers a wide variety of food, as well as open seating that rarely fills up. No table searching here.

The menu is vast and spans several service counters: sandwiches and flatbreads, old fashioned American, Italian, and Asian. There are also a number of grab and go options, like sushi, pastries, salads, and fruit bowls. While all the food is really grab and go food, some dishes at the service counters are made fresh for quality and it’s always nice to know quicker options are available for the hasty Disney-goer.

With all this and more spread before us, it wasn’t easy deciding what would best suit our palates, but in the end, it had to be the Mediterranean Flatbread with a side of vegetable lo mein.

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There are several vegetarian options at Everything Pop, and the lo mein may be one of the best. In spite of the usual takeout-style box, the dish itself was far above that of takeout food. When you think of lo mein, you might think of noodles that are a bit too buttery or oily with a few soggy veggies thrown in. Well, this wasn’t the case at Everything Pop. The carrots, cabbage, and green onions were tangible and added real flavor to the noodles which felt good going down. It was an impressive take on a commonly subpar meal.

The Mediterranean Flatbread was the real treat, though. Prepared fresh to order, this flatbread starts with a potent layer of olive tapenade, followed by a sprinkling of onions, peppers, chicken, and artichoke hearts, and topped with half melted feta cheese. Filled with bold and satisfying flavors, it was a dish that is not to be missed. Again, this was another of the healthier options and can easily be made vegetarian if it suits you.

While these dishes may not be for everyone’s taste buds, especially kids, there are some great everyday entrees on the menu that Everything Pop certainly does justice. They’ve got everything from chili-cheese hot dogs and chicken nuggets to Angus bacon burgers and meatball subs. You may have to visit more than once to fully appreciate the entirety of the menu.

All in all, Disney’s Pop Century Resort is the time machine you’ve been waiting for, and luckily, Everything Pop Shopping and Dining ensures there will be food, delicious food! Offering a variety of different cuisines and flavors, Everything Pop has everything you might be craving. So, next time you’re at Pop Century, pop on in for some grub.

Food: With something for everyone from meat-lovers to vegetarians, this cafeteria-style quick service is a well-rounded dining experience with plenty of options. Asian, Italian, or good old fashioned American are all on the menu, and you’ll even find some freshly made sweets and snacks.

Atmosphere: Similar to it’s sister resort, Art of Animation, the Pop Century Resort has plenty of seating and a wide open area to wander about the different service counters. This is highly convenient and makes finding a place to sit easy. And of course, there are plenty of Pop designs all throughout, keeping the atmosphere hopping.

Service: Cast members at Everything Pop know their trade. They can help make suggestions based on special needs, or make special preparations of certain dishes. As always, they held the Disney disposition and provided quick and friendly service.

Tips: Try the flat breads! They are one of the healthier options on the menu, as well as one of the highest quality options.

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