Disney World Roller Coaster Storage Pouch Reportedly Ineffective, Loses Guest’s Cell Phone

space mountain at walt disney world's magic kingdom
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From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World is home to all sorts of attractions.

Slow-moving dark rides such as the Haunted Mansion and fast-paced thrill rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are what keep Guests coming back for more.

haunted mansion walt disney world magic kingdom

Credit: Brian McGowan

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While it can’t be denied that even the most thrilling Walt Disney World roller coaster is nothing like a Universal Orlando Resort roller coaster, these rides are still thrilling enough to have to store loose articles.

For nearly every Walt Disney World roller coaster (except for TRON Lightcycle Run), Guests simply store larger articles on the ground at their feet and smaller articles in a pouch in the ride vehicle.

Big thunder mountain railroad in walt disney world's Magic Kingdom

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Small articles include Mickey and Minnie Mouse ear accessories, wallets, and of course, cell phones. But for some of the older roller coasters, the storage pouches may have been designed with something other than smartphones in mind, seeing as they’re a more recent development.

As a result, they may not hold onto a modern cell phone as well as we’d expect. For one Guest, their cell phone literally flew from the bag:

My phone flew out of the storage net on Space Mountain
by u/Zelladuh in WaltDisneyWorld

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While this doesn’t happen often, this social media post is just proof that it is possible to lose small articles even when they’re stored properly!

tomorrowland archway magic kingdom walt disney world

Credit: Brian McGowan on Unsplash

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To avoid losing small articles, consider storing them within your larger bag instead of trusting the small pouch. Or, simply carry around a smaller bag and loop one of the straps around your foot when placing it on the floor of the ride vehicle!

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