EPCOT Collision: Disney World Charter Bus and Car Accident Leaves Driver Hospitalized

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A charter bus collided with a passenger car at the Walt Disney World Resort earlier today, prompting a hospitalization and police inquiries into the crash.

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At around 12:30 p.m. today, a Nissan Altima headed north on World Drive reportedly crashed into the back of a charter bus carrying 11 passengers as they both approached the exit to EPCOT Center Drive (per FOX 35). Apparently, the Nissan failed to see the bus and crashed with its front left; the car driver was taken to Palm Parkway Emergency Room with injuries from the crash.

The 11 passengers on the charter bus reportedly remained in the vehicle and no injuries have been reported as of press time. The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating the circumstances of the crash.

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While this charter bus crash may have been relatively minor, accidents are regrettably common at Walt Disney World. The Interstate 4 Highway that leads to Disney World is notoriously overcrowded and frequently causes delays, cases of road rage, and accidents for both Guests traveling to Magic Kingdom and regular commuters.

Even worse, the I4 tends to be the site of unforeseen obstacles to people trying to visit Disney World, like dangerous fires or (frighteningly) high-speed police chases after violent criminals. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, not normally a friend to Disney, has committed billions of dollars in infrastructure development to expand I4 in the area to aid traffic, which will no doubt Guests traveling there.

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Even after one has arrived at Disney World, there is no guarantee that things will be safe. Inside the Magic recently reported on how the legendary monorail system at the Park still has not been updated since a 2009 accident that caused the death of an operator. Then there are the increasingly frequent weather hazards that plague the Orlando area; a tornado warning currently has the entire area on high alert.

Although the Walt Disney World Resort may be a dream destination for many people, it appears that caution must be taken at every step of the journey.

Have you ever experienced an accident at a Disney Park? Tell us in the comments below!

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