Disney Issues Permanent Suspension on 3 Princesses Following Controversial Complaints

Disney Princesses
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After the latest theme park update, Disney is back at the chopping block, removing more characters from their parks, and fans have mixed emotions about it.

Fireworks explode and fan out above Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney

While guests visit the Disney parks to enjoy the attractions, food, and of course, to give Mickey Mouse a big hug, there is one thing that Disney does better than nearly any theme park: their nighttime entertainment. Say you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort, for example. At Magic Kingdom, you get to enjoy Happily Ever After, which projects a stunning firework show onto Cinderella Castle as well as all of Main Street, U.S.A.

You can also go to EPCOT, where the Fountain of the World Showcase dances in the night through Luminous, the new nighttime spectacular that takes guests through the triumphs and tribulations of life via Disney music. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can enter Mickey’s dreams and nightmares through Fantasmic!

Even Disney Springs will be joining in on the nighttime show lineup later this month with Dreams that Soar, an all-new drone show.

There is always a way to allow guests to have their jaws fall to the floor in wonder when they see what Disney can do to immerse them into a story in the evening time.

At Disneyland Paris, that does not change either.

At the moment, Disneyland Paris delivers a winning formula with their nighttime spectacular, Disney Dreams! This enchanting show, launched in March 2023, brought iconic scenes and music from beloved Disney films like Peter Pan, Ratatouille, Beauty and the Beast, and Tangled to life. It wasn’t just fireworks that filled the night sky – the show incorporated dazzling projections, dancing water fountains, laser effects, and mist screens to create a truly immersive Disney experience, unlike any other Disney park in the world.

Peter Pan, Rapunzel and Lumiere featured in the Disney nighttime show, Disney Dreams at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris News

Despite its popularity, Disneyland Paris announced this week that Disney Dreams! will be taking its final bow at the end of the month. On May 30th, the show will perform its last hurrah, lighting up the skies above Sleeping Beauty Castle one last time. Disney Illuminations will take its place starting on May 31st.

Disney fan account DLP Shows confirmed, like many others, the news of the show swap, as well as the changes that would be coming. If you have ever seen Disney Illuminations, you may be aware that the Emma Watson version of Beauty and the Beast holds a lengthy section of the show, as does Frozen. Now that the live-action film is no longer a hot topic of conversation and not as classic as the original, and because Frozen took up so much time, Disney has decided to make a few cuts.

🚨✨OFFICIAL : Disney Illuminations returns to Disneyland Paris on May 31st !

This show will return in a brand NEW VERSION due to the removal of :

– the entire Beauty and the Beast scene;
– One of the Frozen scenes.

Typically, when we see sections of a show cut, they are replaced. Take Fantasmic!, when the Pocahontas scene was shortened to a quick appearance, we had Aladdin, Mulan, Frozen, and Moana sections adding to the show, not only replacing what was lost, but adding to the overall length and quality of the show.

Disney Illuminations will not be doing that; in fact, the show is going to shrink in length.

Overall, it seems fans are not too happy with the newly announced changes. One fan shared, “Is there a reason why the Beauty and the Beast scene has been removed? That was definitely one of my favorite bits,” on X when they heard the news. Another wrote, “They’re doing what Shanghai Disneyland did with Ignite the Dream, making the show a tad shorter”.

Simba from The Lion King 1994 featured in Disney Dreams! nighttime show returning to Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris News

Others who do not like the show in general even think that this move is a mistake, “How do you make a crappier show even worse? Like this.” Some guests also question why Frozen would be removed when it plays such a big role in terms of popularity for guests at the park, “I’m curious to see what Frozen scene is removed. I always found those to be a crowd favorite! I am pleased that even DLP has recognized how dated the Beauty and the Beast section is. I guess leaving Star Wars intact was better than it being excluded since it’s also horribly outdated.”

However, when it comes to Beauty and the Beast, there has been a lot of live-action film controversy, with fans no longer wanting to see live-action after live-action, and it seems Disney may be listening.

One fan of the company shared their thoughts online, stating, “I find it very disappointing how Disney, one of the biggest names in animation, seems to be straying away from the very medium that made them a household name in the first place. I mean, we all know how they just can’t stop making those godforsaken live-action remakes from Cinderella to The Little Mermaid and now, were gonna have Snow White, which has faced nothing but backlash thanks to the comments of the star Rachel Zegler, and now Bambi.”

They continued, “But lately, it seems that even for original projects, especially book adaptations and original shows for Disney+, they have to make it into live-action when they have good potential for animation. Whether it be Percy Jackson to The Mysterious Benedict Society to their upcoming Eragon reboot, it’s always live-action. It’s just so tiring and even soulless how, instead of creating more original animated content for their streaming platform, it’s always live-action, like their movies nowadays, and it’s really sad.”

Many fans have echoed this sentiment, and after Disney delayed the upcoming Moana live-action movie to give fans some breathing room from the live-action overload, it looks like they wanted to do the same in their parks.

Overall, guests seem not to be thrilled with the change, as Disney is taking something away but not replacing it with something else, delivering a lesser product overall.

Luckily, the new Disney Electrical Sky Parade, which is a drone show before the fireworks, will continue to stun guests through to 2025, so there is still more to see during the evenings at Disneyland Paris. Walt Disney Studios Park, however, no longer has an evening show. That park, in fact, is actually requesting guests leave by 3:00 p.m. as we saw last summer due to the park hitting capacity limits too often. 

Decorative entrance gate with a mickey mouse silhouette at the top, flanked by intricate metalwork and stars, with people visible in the distance walking past.

Credit: Richard Poppelaars, Flickr

Walt Disney Studios Park will soon be Disney Adventure Park, and while the change is exciting, it is going through the growing pains that come along with a massive park refurbishment. Studio 1, the park’s entrance, has shut down, and World of Frozen, as well as the new Tangled ride, are under construction, blocking off a large section of the park, making it even smaller than usual.

Additionally, Paris is expecting hundreds of thousands of guests this summer due to the Olympics, which will only force capacity limits to be hit even faster due to its short distance from the festivities and tourism nature.

What do you think of these new cuts to Disney Illuminations?

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