Crockett’s Tavern Review

Crockett’s Tavern Review

Fort Wilderness is the best way for Disney-goers to experience the natural side of Walt Disney World, while also appreciating the amenities and conveniences customary of a Disney vacation. With various hiking trails, lakefront views, and more than a few outdoor activities, Fort Wilderness has everything a nature-loving family needs to spend a fantastic weekend. Even the dining options offer more excitement than some other resorts.

Crockett’s Tavern is a cabin-style bar that services Trail’s End Buffet and tavern porch guests via bar window at Fort Wilderness’ Settlement area. And though it didn’t wow this reviewer, it does have some interesting and entertaining features that make it worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The first thing we noticed about Crockett’s Tavern was that you can’t get there just by driving up to the resort and stepping inside. What we didn’t know about Fort Wilderness was that it’s spread across several miles of land and you’ll require a bus to reach each specific area of the resort. Crockett’s Tavern, being located at the Settlement, is the last stop on all three bus routes. This added a significant amount of time to the journey, and forced the realization that this was not a bar to pop into when you’re trying to kill time. It’s really only convenient when you are in the area, and even for Fort Wilderness guests, it can be a hike.

One bus trip later, we were on the porch of Crockett’s Tavern, which proved to be one of the more interesting and fun aspects of the place. Guests can lounge in rocking chairs on a wide porch as if from a scene in an old Western movie, while the bartender inside shuffles out drinks through the bar window. Upon entering, we were greeted by a huge taxidermy bear and various hunting and orienteering memorabilia up on the walls. The patrons at the bar seemed to be having a good time, and we took a seat beside them, anticipating drinks that would get us as giggly as them. And we weren’t disappointed!


Though one of our neighboring bar-goers praised her Pimm’s Punch, a bright pink mix of gin, lemonade, wild strawberry, and Pimm’s No. 1 liqueur, we were in business for a specialty drink, one designed especially for Fort Wilderness. It was what the bartender called a Wagon Wheel that got our attention. A pleasantly fruity combination of scrumptious peach schnapps, tangy cranberry, orange juice, and a shot of premium vodka that offered an ever pungent kick of real alcohol, the Wagon Wheel was one of the best things about Crockett’s Tavern. The food, on the other hand, was lacking. With only pizza, nachos, and chicken wings, the food menu left much to be desired, especially with the smell of the buffet behind us.

That being said, it wasn’t an all-around bad experience. However, getting to Crockett’s Tavern did seem more trouble than it was ultimately worth. If you’re in Fort Wilderness and looking to kill some time with a drink, this could be your place. But don’t go out of your way to find this one.

Food: The cocktail menu at Crockett’s Tavern is just as in-depth as those at most other resorts, but they do have some unique additions, like the Wagon Wheel, that will tickle your taste buds and potentially have you falling off your barstool. However, the actual food available on the bar menu, though thematically appropriate, was lacking in appeal.

Atmosphere: Guests certainly feel like they are in a settlement cabin when they step inside Crockett’s Tavern, and from the taxidermy bear at the entrance to the various antiques covering the walls, the atmosphere is nothing but rustic.

Service: The cast members were quick and knowledgeable, but short and unfriendly. Unlike most other Disney bars, the bartenders here didn’t offer up a smile with our drinks. However, they did stir up a mean cocktail and the other patrons at the bar seemed more than pleased with the rushing around of the bartenders.

Tips: Kick back in the rockers on the porch and order a drink at the bar window. It’s a great place to wait for your party to gather before hopping in line for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue next door.


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