Crew’s Cup Lounge

Crew’s Cup Lounge

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort wraps guests in the delightful charm of a New England-style Yacht club, hoisting the main sail on relaxation and allowing all your cares to float out into Stormalong Bay. With a scenic view of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort across the lake and a sandy beach escape from which you can gaze up at the night sky as fireworks splash overhead, the Yacht and Beach Club is the perfect slice of Disney magic for those who long for all things waterfront.

But while the pools and beaches are all good and well, there is one sunken treasure that will have you rowing back for more, and that is Crew’s Cup Lounge. A hide out for parents and a haven for adults who long for a quaint alcove of relaxation, Crew’s Cup Lounge is a full service restaurant disguised as a hole-in-the-wall bar, with a single door and conservative signage apart from the entrance through Yachtsman Steakhouse. It takes some finding, but you’ll be glad you took the time to do so.

When we first heard the name, our thought was of a sailing ship or a pirate crew, but this idea didn’t fit well with the elegant nature of the resort. Instead, it referred to a rowing crew, a theme that is very prevalent throughout the small restaurant, with a long decorative rowing boat hanging above the main seating area and various other tributes along the walls and ceiling. It certainly felt as though we were the crew, dining in a homey tavern, while the captain dined next door at the upscale steakhouse.

Taking us through both the drink and food menus, our server Nicole was more than a server. She became part of our crew, helping us make decisions on what would best suit our tired bellies. First came the drinks, a flight of Samuel Adams beers that are rarely sold anywhere else on Disney property. The Boston Lager was clear and smooth, expectedly familiar with a finer taste than most commercial beers. The Alpine Springs was a seasonal, German-style lager with a hint of citrus and a deliciously light bitterness. And finally, the White Water IPA was as good as any IPA, with a bitter hoppiness and a slight peachy flavor in the after taste. In the end, the flight was well worth the $6 it cost, and was a fantastic step into the Crew’s Cup drink menu.

We followed our first drink with an order of House-Cut Truffle Fries with roasted shallot mayonnaise, and yes, it WAS as good as it sounds. Topped with parmesan cheese, these fries soaked in smooth truffle oil and dipped in savory mayo are NOT to be missed. As we sat awaiting the next course of our meal, we wondered how the crew behind the counter could top the truffle fries, but they nearly did it. Buttermilk Fried Rock Shrimp. Take a minute to compose your taste buds. Yes, Buttermilk Fried Rock Shrimp with chipotle remoulade, citrus cream, and chilled cucumber salad. Now, Disney chefs love their remoulades, but how many pair it with cucumber salad and rock shrimp? The answer is “only the best chefs.” If the thought of the foods themselves are not enough to get your mouth watering, imagine crunchy, lemon-seasoned shrimp, cooked to perfection, topped with sweet cucumber and onion, and dipped in chipotle remoulade.

Well, luckily and surprisingly, we saved room for dessert, because it came in the form of a featured drink called a Tennessee Honey. This is another drink fairly uncommon among most other Disney establishments, because it contains Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey whiskey, which many bars don’t have. The Crew’s Cup Lounge DOES have it, and they mix it with agave nectar, freshly squeezed lemon, and Sprite for a drink that rivals the sweetness of poolside drinks, and yet, still has a smooth whiskey taste. It’s the perfect concoction for dads who just need a break from wild vacation fun.

In case you haven’t come to this conclusion already, Crew’s Cup Lounge is the perfect hideaway, the perfect retreat, and the perfect place to eat. When the kids hit the hay, this is where you need to make your getaway.


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