Boardwalk To Go Review

Boardwalk To Go Review

When you think of a boardwalk, chances are you think of the charm of a late night stroll, piano bars, white wood paneling, and the calm of sleepy waters. You might think of enjoying a delicious corn dog or an ice cream cone as you wander along with a loved one. Well, the Disney Boardwalk has all of these wonderful things, and whether you are taking your time or just passing through, make sure your taste buds get a chance to experience the Boardwalk as well.

Boardwalk To Go is a quick service counter that possesses the true spirit of the boardwalk, offering carnival foods and other sweet treats to help you bide your time as you meander along the many shops and stores nearby. It’s perfect for a quick snack on your way back to your resort room or for indulging in a something sweet while you enjoy the panoramic view from one of the verandas along the main path. Don’t mistake its quaintness for low quality. The food is simple, but it hits the spot.

Sitting for a while among the gulls and finches, we soaked up as much of the atmosphere as possible before moving in for a bite to eat. The wooden walkway curved along, and we went with it, stopping to watch as fish below in the bay gobbled up bits of bread a nearby family had tossed in. The real prize of the Boardwalk is people watching. On a cool day, there is no knowing what you’ll find. We saw a seagull eating ice cream, which was well worth a discussion on whether or not birds get brain freeze. This is the simple, yet highly enjoyable nature of Disney’s Boardwalk.


When we finally made our way over to Boardwalk To Go, our dish of choice was already picked out: a foot long corndog. With a menu full of classic boardwalk favorites, it was a hard decision, but a fresh, Disney take on a classic food is sometimes the best way to go. You’ll also find hot dogs, fried ravioli, corn fritter nuggets, onion rings, chicken fingers, and meatball sandwiches on the menu.

The cast member behind the counter told us it would be a few minutes as everything is made to order to ensure freshness, but it was well worth the wait. In a moment, we had it fresh out of the fryer,  a few squirts of ketchup, and a mouthful of deliciousness. Deciding to stroll with it, we indulged in the simplicity of everything we had before us. Boardwalk To Go not only offers quick and yummy dishes, but it takes classic foods and weaves them into the classic atmosphere of the boardwalk. Take your time Disney Boardwalk and take advantage of Boardwalk To Go.

Food: It’s boardwalk food! Hot dogs, corndogs, corn fritter nuggets, onion rings, and chicken fingers galore! But there are actually a few surprises on the menu, Fried Ravioli and Meatball Sandwich Baskets to name a few.

Atmosphere: Calm, peaceful, and yet, full of life, Disney’s Boardwalk is not only relaxing, but there is also plenty to do. It’s a place for people to browse restaurants and stores while they enjoy the Florida sun. There is wildlife, a diverse lot of people, and plenty of places to just sit and enjoy the day. Who could ask for more?

Service: Quick and friendly, the cast member in the little box of a quick service station was eager to assist in making choices and answering questions, and he made quick work of our corndog, serving it up fresh and hot.

Tips: Don’t rush yourself. Take the time to check out the shops and stores around the boardwalk and when you’re done, keep exploring! Take the ferry over to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, or stroll on over to the Yacht and Beach Club Resort to experience some New English hospitality.


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