A Two-Day Plan for Walt Disney World’s Epcot

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Giving yourself two full days at Walt Disney World’s Epcot is a fantastic choice. I suppose it could all be squeezed into one day, but you’d miss out on a ton.  Epcot is divided into two sections: Future World and World Showcase. This naturally breaks up the flow of a visit to Epcot. Even still, there are definitely some tricks and strategies to making the most of your two day plan in Epcot. Check them out:


1. Start the Morning in Future World with Non-FastPasses

Epcot’s Future World opens at 9 am, while World Showcase doesn’t open for another two hours at 11. So it’s best to get the day going in Future World. Truthfully, most of this section of the park could probably be done in two hours if there were no lines. Because of this, try to do some of your Future World non-FastPass rides in this two hour (give or take) window. Rides like Mission Space (Green or Orange), Figment, and Nemo are perfect for this time.

2. Start Looping World Showcase at 11 in Canada

The Canada part is really just a preference thing. You can start from Mexico too, it doesn’t really matter. But if you enter this part of the Park right at 11, it’ll be less crowded and you can meander with ease.

3. Do the Whole Loop or Don’t Try to Do the Whole Loop

Here’s the thing. There are two different ways you can approach exploring the World Showcase on your first Epcot day. Either you’ll want to do the whole World Showcase loop in one day and decide what stuff you want to go back to the next, or don’t kill yourself and save half for your second day. For seasoned Disney guests, Epcot is often a place to relax and wander peacefully, so the second option might be better for them. But for guests who have never been, it’s important to figure out your style and what you like, so the first choice might be the way to go. Totally up to preference.

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4. Start KidCot

Whether you have kids or not, KidCot is a great way to experience the countries in a fun, educational way. Younger kids often find World Showcase to be kind of boring or too “adultish,” but KidCot brings these amazing cultures to life. Keep an eye out for the KidCot Booths in every Pavilion.

5. Eat All Meals in World Showcase

There aren’t a ton of food options in Future World. There’s the Electric Umbrella, where you can get standard chicken fingers and burgers and that kind of thing. There’s the food court in the Land, which does have some really good, fresh choices. And there’s always Starbucks, obviously. But the foods in World Showcase are unique and full of fun opportunities, so I’d definitely save your meals for the different countries.

6. Use Your Afternoon Future World FastPasses

Now is the time to go back to Future World to use your FastPasses. Save time by taking a Friendship Boat across the lagoon instead of backtracking through the countries. Chances are your Fastpass will be for Test Track, Soarin’, or Spaceship Earth. This is a nice break in your day.


1. Bonus Tip

You can enter through the International Gateway at any time, even if World Showcase is closed. It’s often faster and easier!

2. Finish Future World in the Morning

This is the time to tie up loose ends. Generally your second day is going to be a bit more chill – you now know the layout, you know what you like, and you know what your party is going for. So the morning of your second day can easily finish up your Future World wants, or enjoy the surrounding area. I love the music in Future World, so my favorite thing to do is to grab a coffee and meander the layout, soaking in the flowers and the fountain. Make sure you stick around for the fountain show!

3. Continue the World Showcase Loop, or Go Back to Your Favorites

Depending on which option you chose on Day One, you can either finish the loop or double back for the bests! If it’s the former, you get to experience a bunch of countries for the first time! But maybe you chose the latter and now you get to go back and enjoy things again. Maybe you didn’t get to try the cannoli in Italy, or you were just a minute too late for the France movie, or you loved the Voices of Liberty so much that you have to back to the American Adventure. These are all wonderful ways to spend your second day!

4. Finish KidCot

If you complete the whole World Showcase loop doing KidCot, make sure to tell a Cast Member for a special surprise!

5. Cool Off in the Afternoon in The Seas with Nemo and Friends

The Seas is a great cool off spot. It breaks up the World Showcase march nicely, while being fun and educational too.

6. Get in Shopping

By day two, chances are you’ve seen some Epcot souvenirs that you want to bring home. It’s always nice to go back a second day to really have time to decide what’s important to you. There are plenty of fun finds in the individual countries, but also check out Mouse Gear for more general Disney/Epcot merchandise.

7. End Epcot with IllumiNations

A beautiful conclusion to a visit at Epcot is the nightly fireworks show IllumiNations (soon to be replaced with Epcot Forever). Pick a spot along the lagoon to get the best views of this show. If you’re looking to have dinner too, I’d recommend outdoor seating at Spice Road Table in Morocco.

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