8 Things You’ll Love About Rose And Crown Pub And Dining Room

Credit: Disney

I love England. I love everything about it: the people, the landmarks, the food, the general feeling. So naturally, I adore the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining room in Epcot. Here are some things I think you’ll love about it too

8. Nighttime Spectacular Views

As soon as the sun goes down on Epcot’s World Showcase, everyone has only one thing in mind: Epcot’s nighttime spectacular! This fireworks display is unlike any other and always demands attention. The Rose and Crown provides an incredible view of the show from right inside the restaurant! If you make reservations for dinner, make sure you’re there in time for fireworks!

7. UK Beer Cart

Outside of the restaurant is a little cart that looks a lot like the popcorn stands or coffee carts scattered around Disney. But this one is special. How cool is a beer cart? The UK Beer Cart is parked right outside of the Rose and Crown and holds beers and ciders that you can get inside, but much more conveniently. And it comes with a souvenir glass!

6. The Crown and Crest

There’s merchandise anywhere. But I love the Crown and Crest. This shop is incredibly fun and actually kind of separate from the Rose and Crown. It’s a shop of purely British merchandise, including some specifically Rose and Crown items. This is a great store to peruse and feel very British. And, if you are a Brit by blood, check out the Crest section to see if your family’s in there!

5. The Dining Room

The Rose and Crown Dining Room has a very relaxed atmosphere, while still being a nice dining experience. You can make reservations in advance or come in and wait for a table. This dining room is scattered with little British knick-knacks and decorations, which are really fun to check out. The views from this dining room truly make it. From the windows you can see the whole lake and all of World Showcase.

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4. The Pub

Yes, I did say pub in Disney World. It’s a beautiful thing. I absolutely love the Rose and Crown Pub. It looks and feels exactly like a real pub in the heart of London. From the tight tables, to the low ceiling, and the long bar, this is the real deal. And not to mention the alcohol! The Pub at the Rose and Crown is always well stocked with your favorite brews. Non-alcoholic options are available too, if you just want the amazing atmosphere!

3. The Food

Honestly, pub food is always a draw for me. And when you’re in a place like the UK pavilion, you just sort of inherently crave fish and chips, am I right? But that’s not all on this extensive British menu! From appetizers like English Pasty’s (a puff pastry filled with chicken), to legitimate bangers and mash (sausage and a vegetable) and shepherd’s pie, you will not go hungry in this pub.

2. Cast Members

I love talking with the Cast Members in the World Showcase because more often than not, they are actually from the countries in which they work. It’s so cool to hear their accents and the unique way they talk to each other. And make sure to ask them about home! You’ll love those stories and the way they light up when talking about it.

1. Authenticity

My favorite thing about the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room is how real it feels. I feel this way about the entire UK Pavilion, actually. Every inch of it feels like you are actually across the pond. Disney went to extreme lengths to make every little thing authentic and the payoff is massive. From the tastes at the bar, to the general smells, to the décor, to the high energy, to the cheery workers, to the strangers next to you that become friends. The Rose and Crown encompasses English brilliance brilliantly.

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